Maharajji Introduces Me to Baba Ram Dass

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiKrishna Das had instructed me to return to my uncle and Siddhi Ma in the summer of 2004 and try as I did I could not make the necessary travel arrangements.

There were no return tickets to London in time for my children's school term, so that was that.

The next school term break was in October and I made arrangements to travel to Haldwani and Kainchi. I had no idea that the October school break in London coincided with Navratri celebrations in the ashram at Kainchi.

Those were the only dates on which I could make the journey and did so but as the whole plan had been worked by Maharajji the dates were just the perfect dates to make the journey back home.

Leela after leela unfolded as Maharajji welcomed his grand daughter home! I was ecstatic to learn that Baba Ram Dass was in the ashram when I arrived there. I was told later that Baba Ram Dass had extended his stay in Kainchi by a day and thats how we met! I wonder what made Baba Ram Dass make those last minute changes in his schedule ? Is it too far fetched to guess Maharajji wanted me to convey my thanks to Baba Ram Dass in person, for having been the guru who opened my heart to Him ? I got my chance at 8 ish am in the morning as Baba Ram Dass opened his doors and appeared white gleaming shoes first from his room! How perfect to meet a guru feet first ( padarshanam )!

I wonder if he remembers my rushed attempt at condensing 5 years of Maharajji's leelas and grace in my life to him....I think I forgot to thank him eventually....hugs, kisses and THANK YOU Baba Ram Dass!! Pranaam.

From Rachna Jhala, London, UK