Maharajji Raises Yudhisthir

I heard the following story in Vrindavan about a year before Yudhisthir Singh left his body. The story happened when Yudhisthir was quite young, many years before.

Maharajji was on the plains of India. He told Yudhisthir to come along with Him to the mountains. Yudhisthir told Maharajji that he had just taken driver training and now had a driving license, so he could help with driving duties. Maharajji said, “No. If Yudhisthir drives we will all be killed.”

The drive was very long but Maharajji would not let the driver stop to rest or take tea. The driver became so weary that he was just about passing out at the wheel. When they finally reached the mountains, Maharajji told Yudhisthir to drive, so he took the wheel. Remember, Yudhisthir had just recently learned to drive.

The road through the steep mountains to Maharajji’s Bhumiadar Temple is extremely winding with a very deep drop-off on the side. Yudhisthir was petrified with fear so he was driving very slowly; something like 10-15 KMH. Yudhisthir was remembering that Maharajji said that if he drove they would all be killed. On top of that, Maharajji kept yelling at Yudhisthir to go faster.

After more than an hour of driving, they arrived at Bhumiadar in the evening. Maharajji withdrew to His room. Yudhisthir was a wreck after his harrowing drive, so he took food and immediately went to sleep on a mat on the pavement of one of the out-of-the-way temple areas.

During the night, a black snake bit Yudhisthir, and Yudhisthir turned black, and he died. During the night the people at the temple noticed what had happened to Yudhisthir and realized that he was dead. So they cleaned him up for cremation and put flowers on him.

In the morning Maharajji came out of His room, and asked what was going on with Yudhisthir. He was told that Yudhisthir was dead. Maharajji said, “No, he is not dead.” Maharajji walked over to Yudhisthir and kicked him yelling “Get up.” The temple staff helped Yudhisthir get up. Maharajji then told them to give him chai. Later Maharajji made Yudhisthir drive Him all the way to Ranikhet.

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