Maharajji's Satsang - Westerners

Album of 203 collected photos of Maharajji in satsang with His Westerner devotees.

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About Viewing and Downloading Photos of Maharajji

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About the Character of the Photographs of Maharajji

From the very moment the photograph was taken, the path of each of these photographs has been different, as they wended their way to's database of photographs of Maharajji. Because of that journey each of these photographs also has very different character. This is immediately apparent.

Sometimes you will see a series of three photographs that were taken sequentially, yet each of these photographs might have very different color values, contrast, and other anomalies. Some of these photographs have been "developed" in some way so that they are easier to see, but many of these photographs are left pretty much as they were when they were scanned. "What About This Gallery of Photographs of Maharajji?" in FAQ.