Maharajji Was in Two Places at Once

One day I was hanging out in Vrindavan Ashram with Maharajji's son-in-law Jagdish. I said, "It must have been amazing having Maharajji as your father-in-law.” He held up his open hand and said, "I saw Maharajji only once and that was for only ten minutes." He then narrated this story to me.

In India, after the parents have arranged a marriage, there is a ceremony where the bribe and groom meet for the first time. The ceremony is the presenting of the goddess Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu. The families were waiting for Maharajji before this rite, at a house in Agra. Maharajji arrived in a car, entered the house, presented Girija to Jagdish, and then left in the car 10 minutes after arriving. That was the extent of his time with Maharajji.

It was only later that Jagdish came to know the truth of who Maharajji really is. Girija, of course, saw her father from time to time and brought their son Sandeep as a baby to Maharajji. Maharajji told her that Sandeep would be a pilot. In fact, later he did become a pilot with the Indian Air Force, flying MIGs. Jagdish is now a practitioner of Advaita philosophy of non-dualism.

I was amazed by this story and told this to Jagdish. He said, "Oh, this is not the amazing part of the story. The amazing part is that at the time of this event Maharajji was known to have been in Kainchi."

This is among the least known of the “being in two places at once” stories.

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