Help for the Old Mother of the Maharaj of Vizianagrarn

MaharajjiGurus generally do not have any special favorite among their disciples or make any real discrimination among them.

To us they may appear to be partial or indifferent, but actually that is not so.

It is because, as Ramkrishna used to say, "Mother is giving more attention to the sick child."

Many of the children who come before the guru are very sick and get special care.

One morning while taking our tea, two cars came and stood at the gate. The old mother of the Maharaj of Vizianagrarn had come from Benares along with her staff.

She inquired about Baba, and when I said that he had left a couple of days back, the lady broke down and cried.

  She said, "I need him very urgently. I have been awake for the whole night and have been driving since two. I have an appointment with the Finance Minister, Morarji Desai, in Delhi at four o'clock for talks about my estate, and I need Baba's help for that. What shall I do now?"


Hanuman in Prayag

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiThere was a very heavy flood, and the water of both the Ganges and Jamuna (Yamuna) had risen to a high level in Allahabad. The currents were very strong.

Some stones of the adjoining fort were washed away, and water was getting into the fort.

All the adjoining areas, including the famous Hanuman temple, were submerged under water, facing the fury of this flood.

Dr. Katju, then Defense Minister, accompanied by his staff, came to see the situation for himself.

Seeing Dr. Katju, who was a highly religious person, some priests of the Hanuman temple prayed to him to save the temple. They said every year during the rainy season Hanumanji goes down under water and comes out when the water subsides.


Police Superintendent Gets His Post

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiRam Narayan said that during his long period of service, he had to work in many different places in the state and it was difficult to have Babali's clarshan when he wanted it.

In almost every town where he was posted, there were people who knew Babaji.

Sometimes Babaji visited them, but it was difficult for him to contact Baba by searching him out.

Baba was an itinerant saint, and nobody knew about his visits or movement except when they were with him.

Ram Narayan said he also suffered from an additional handicap: Babaji's devotees, like all others, generally used to stay away from the police and would not easily fraternize with them socially. This made it difficult to keep in contact with the other devotees in order to keep track of Babaji.

He was emphatic that there was no such discrimination in Babaji's mind.


Maharajji Saved the Governor

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiHis second visit was important to me - not because of the abuses hurled at me or the temper shown, but for a new revelation.

In this period, the big politicians were not coming to Babaji, yet rarely had he been so particular about the cleanliness of his room and temple premises and the controlling of the movements of people round his room.

He had the door to the Mothers' rooms locked to keep them inside.


The Story of Bhabania

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiThere were rumors going around the ashrarn that Bhabania's opponents were seeking the intervention of Seth Jaipuria, an eminent industrialist and devotee of Babaji who had financed the construction of the Hanuman temple.

He was interested in the proper running of the temple by a competent pujari and used to acquaint himself with the running of the temple by occasional visits and reports from others.

Bhabania's opponents went to him with their reports.

When Bhabania came to know that Shri Jaipuria would come any day to see things for himself, he lost the strength and courage inspired in him by Babaji.