Babaji Leaves at Night

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiSometimes during our nightly satsang. Babaji used to visit us in our room, where we were busy with our talk.

One night, more than an hour had passed and we were still talking when Babaji entered the hall, sat down on Sukla's bed and began counting the layers of bedding.

Babaji said, "You are enjoying much luxury here."
Everyone laughed at the joke, but Sukla was much moved and said with tears in his eyes, "This is my Didi's house, so I have got them."

Babaji said, "Your Didi is good, but she is generous to you and gives you five layers for your bed, but only three layers for mine."


Talaya Baba

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiAnother clue came from Sri S. N. Sang. the principal of Birla College at Nainital and a great devotee of Babaji.

He was very dear to us, and we sought his company whenever he was in Kainchi or Allahabad.

Once he came to Allahabad and spent four days with us.

He narrated his first experience as a little school boy reading in a public school in the Punjab.


Sanctity of Prasad

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiBabaji was talking about the sanctity of the prasad, saying,

"It is the way the gods show their grace to you; they can do miracles through their prasad.

But how can they do it when you do not have any faith in its sanctity.

For you, it is just like any other eatable which you are always pouring in your mouth.

When you do not accept it as prasad, how can you take the taste of it ?

You must not refuse when anyone offers prasad to you.

You may not eat it, but you can give it away to others.

 But never refuse - that is an insult to the deity who has sent his prasad to you through someone's hand."

While talking like this, Hubbaji noticed that there were some particles of the jagannathji prasad which had fallen from someone's plate onto the ground.


Story of the Leaf Plates

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiThe inauguration of the temple was to be celebrated in the most fitting manner, with pujas, havans, and prasad for everyone.

The news spread over a very large part of that area and people started coming. Everyone worked with a missionary zeal, and was convinced that their preparations for the bhandara, which was soon to begin, were faultless.

There was a sense of jubilation in having managed a difficult task, and a few of them started speculating about the laurels that were awaiting them.

  When Babaji arrived that evening, everyone joined in giving him an account of the work that had been completed. Every detail was given.

The prasad that had been prepared was enough to feed any unknown number of visitors. They then took Babaji around to see for himself all that had been described. Babaji was pleased, and sat and listened with great satisfaction as they talked about their arrangements for feeding people.


The Temple is a Place of God

Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji

Babaji's stand on these issues was very clear: the temple is a place of God, and should be open to every heart.

The utmost care is needed to maintain its sanctity.

The cleanliness of the murti and the decoration with colorful clothes were essential for maintaining the purity and the sanctity of the temple and attracting worshippers and devotees.

If the people whose duty it was to look after these arrangements did not bother about them, the result was that the temples ceased to be places for purification, and people actually came to be repelled by them.

Inner purity cannot come in an unclean and hostile environment.