Lilas of Maharajji


The Lilas of Maharajji Section of contains book reports, stories from books about the lilas (Play of the Gods) of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba, and stories about Maharajji's lilas that are not in any books.

The Story of Bhabania
Babaji Leaves at Night
Talaya Baba
Sanctity of Prasad
Story of the Leaf Plates
The Temple is a Place of God
About the Role of Sadhus
About Asking God
Maharajji Asks for a Car
An Old Lady Remembers Maharajji from Long Ago
About Running Ashram
The Value of Faith in God
A Few Quotes
Half-Naked Sadhu in the 1st Class Compartment
Selection of Places for Samadhi Temples
Construction of Maharajji's Temple at Kainchi
Maharajji Cures Kehar Singhji
Affection for the Low Castes
Driver Desired Hanumanji's Darshan
You Won't Be Short of Petrol
His Emergence
After Neeb Karori
Brings Hanuman to Uttarakhand
Lila at Hanumangarh
About Bhumiadhar Temple
Shri Kainchi Dham Temple
Heaven at Shri Vrindavandham
Kakarighat Hanuman Temple
Lucknow Hanuman Temple
Hanuman Temple at Panaki, Kanpur
Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple in Shimla
Hanuman Temple at Rishikesh
Hanuman Temple in New Mexico
Hanumanji in Adoration at Hanuman Chatti
Prem Avatar
Hanuman Temple in Pauri (Garhwal) & Others
He Came to Me in a Dream
Realizing Love Serve Feed Remember
Maharajji Sits with Woman in Hospital
A Reunion Scripted By Maharajji
Kainchi Leela
Maharajji Introduces Me to Baba Ram Dass
Maharajji Introduces Me to Krishna Das
Maharajji Reintroduces Himself to Me
I Saw Maharajji in 2010
Why I Don't Smoke on Maharajji's Porch
Maharajji Gives Pravin Needed Money
Three Maharajji Experiences since 2004
Krishna Das Speaks About Maharajji
Julia Roberts Speaks About Maharajji