Lilas of Maharajji


The Lilas of Maharajji Section of contains book reports, stories from books about the lilas (Play of the Gods) of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba, and stories about Maharajji's lilas that are not in any books.

I Have Been With Him Ever Since
I Shall Give You a Mantra
It was All Maharajji's Play
My Search was Over
Release the Anger
He Could Explain His Behaviour
I Will Keep My Word
Animals Cure Themselves
Faith...No Fear
Maharajji had become invisible
Maharajji in Amarkantak
If I'm alive, I'll talk to you
The Extraordinary Postures
Maharajji did it anyway
It is the Almighty who teaches everybody
Oneness of all Religions
He is a great saint !
Who knows His ways ?
Faith in the Doctor or Faith in Maharajji
How can Neem Karoli Baba be alive ?
Taking on Karma
Key to the Mind
Address to Maharajji's photo
At Kanpur and at Nainital
A Blanket is a Blanket
The Karm-Uppance of Not Surrendering
I'll teach you about Brahm
Miracle of Love Introduction, Français
Thorns Must Have Pricked the Lord's Feet
Train Tickets Out the Window
When I First Came to India
The Near & The Dear - Introduction
The Near & The Dear - Preface
Bhagwan Singh and Haridas Baba Chapter
Brij Mohan Chapter
Hubbaji Chapter
Jivan Baba Chapter
K. C. Tewari Chapter
Ram Narayan Sinha Chapter
Saints and Devotees Chapter
Umadutta Shukla 2 Chapter
Umadutta Shukla 1 Chapter
A Gift from Babaji
Baba, You are the Saint of Saints
Maharajji's Surprising Appearance at Panki
Help for the Old Mother of the Maharaj of Vizianagrarn
Hanuman in Prayag
Police Superintendent Gets His Post
Maharajji Saved the Governor