Naga Babas Came from Badrinath

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiOne day in 1973 three Naga babas came from Badrinath and they were given rooms in the outside dharmashala. They said they would need plenty of wood for their havan fire and various other provisions.

"In Ayodhya fifty-four items of food are prepared for Ram. We have got a statue of Ram and we also offer Him prasad and must prepare it"

 One day, however, they wanted some ganja [marijuana]. This was a problem. I asked some of the ashram people who I knew were great smokers, but they pretended to have never heard of ganja.

I did not know what was to be done, but a Westerner heard me asking and said, "Dada, I can give you some, " So the ganja was given to them.

Babaji said, "Dada, it is good that you have done this. They live in the open and do not wear clothes, so the ganja will protect their bodies. They are accustomed to it, therefore they should have it"


Maharajji Saves Boy

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiPeople always got angry and annoyed because Babaji so frequently said, "Jao!" [Go!] to them. But there was usually some reason why he did not allow them to stay longer. It was better not to try and guess what the reason might be.

One winter in Allahabad he was giving darshan and the whole room was full. A certain officer in the Accountant General's office entered and took his seat in the rear. He had heard about Babaji from some of his fellow officers and was very curious to come. After a minute or so, Babaji said, "jao!"

 He replied, "No, Baba, I am not in a hurry. I shall sit here for sometime.

'' No! You must go" Babaji was insistent.

The officer was unhappy. Everybody was looking at him, so he stood up reluctantly, wondering about this Baba. Then Babaji said, "You came on a cycle?"

"Yes. "

"All right, return by the same way that you came."

The man didn't understand, but he went.


I Shall Have a Shave

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiIt would be such a problem for the barber to give him a shave.

In Kainchi we had some old barbers who knew Babaji very well. While shaving would be going on, he and they would be talking to each other and they would actually be basking in his grace. It would take only about half an hour or so to do the shaving, but they would not be in a hurry and would stay the whole day.

In Allahabad also an old barber would come and there was no problem. He understood Baba and was not in a hurry.

 The problem came in Brindavan when Babaji said, "I shall have a shave."

We did not know any barber and Kishan Singh's son, Bapu, was asked to find one. He got a young man who ran a small shop in the bazaar.

When that barber came, he was in a hurry because he had left his shop. The shaving was to be done in my room where there was an adjoining bathroom. The barber came and I went to get the hot water and other things.

When I returned, I found that Babaji had taken the bedsheet from my bed and wrapped it around himself. Maharajji held the sheet tight and said, "You never give me this. Do not snatch it away."


By Taking the Name of Ram

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiBabaji used to say,

"By taking the name of Ram, everything is accomplished. In this Kali Yuga, nobody can go for kundalini yoga; they should take the name of Ram."

This was Babaji's way of scattering the seeds and giving mantra.