Sacrosanct Tradition

Tradition is an absolute must in Maharajji's ashrams and temples. New ideas are not needed. Yes, there are situations that appear to require minor adjustments, but really these are just all under the umbrella of what Maharajji demonstrated to us all. The organization IS Maharajji, our unseen, always felt, always-in-control Guru. As in the temples within the ashrams, the practice, the songs sung and chants done and aarti performed are of a certain type to ensure the vibration of the ashram is as Maharajji demanded.

So too the operation of the daily life of the ashram is covered by the very simple traditions established by Maharajji. This was demonstrated over the course of many years as to the means of feeding large groups, as well as handling, identifying, and jaoing antisocial elements who might pollute the atmosphere and intention of the ashram.

Maharajji has created all this for us and it is sacrosanct. It therefore behooves a person who is new to the ashram to study and observe the operation of the ashram and to fit in with the traditions of the ashram. As Baba Sharma, manager of Maharajji’s Delhi Ashram, said, “Observe the seva that others around you are doing and then join in this seva in the same way they are doing it.” There is no other MahaGuru necessary within the ashrams of Maharajji. As was indicated previously, Maharajji is the Guru of Gurus, and in many ways the inmates and visitors are a form of lesser or greater Guru, but none supersede Maharajji in even the smallest way.

The leader of satsang is only Maharajji. He does this through His Lilas and through inner communication with each individual devotee. This certainly does not mean that when it comes to His ashrams and temples, what Maharajji tells you is “how it is.” This could be a position on some issue that Maharajji wants you to take in the moment. Maharajji may have internally instructed another devotee to take an opposing position on the same issue. He will play it out as He wills, so you will not become attached. Serve Maharajji without attachment.

When visiting any ashram you should leave your thinking just outside the ashram gate. Let Maharajji do all the thinking and just open your heart to Maharajji, to the other devotees, and to the practice. An important purpose of the ashram is to calm your thinking. Let it happen and fill your mind with Maharajji and Maharajji's love.

There is no organization beyond each individual ashram, except for Maharajji. One must trust the decentralized nature of the world that is revolving around Maharajji. It is not necessary for you to attend the ashrams or temples of Maharajji. If He calls you then you must come. If He does not, then that affects nothing.

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