Surrender Is Everything

Amidst all this, Maharajji is/was working on people in a different way. The Lilas of Maharajji are so important to the process. The Lilas of Maharajji shake the foundations of the “reality” of the devotee to the point that what they thought was real would be called into question in their minds. Surrendering to a new reality becomes all there is. In this surrender lies the salvation of so many new life experiences. Shaking the foundations of what had been thought to be reality is the first step to freedom and some understanding. Most long-time devotees of Maharajji in this life realize that they have been with Maharajji, in service to and with Maharajji, for many, many lifetimes. Evolutionarily, it is about the freeing and tuning of the entire human race to a much higher vibration.

Maharajji’s satsang have surrendered their lives to Maharajji. Maharajji called these devotees and pulled them into His Lila.

At some point, they realized that this had happened and at some point they surrendered to Him. Maharajji then controlled their lives. It is as simple as that. And what happened then? Nothing fundamentally different, perhaps, but more often a manifest change occurred in often profound ways. They continued to watch the “movie” of their own lives. Yet now there was an inner knowing, an inner grasp of a different reality (a different consciousness, if you will). Now, the person knew that “it is all Maharajji” and could see Maharajji’s Lila in everything.

Many of these devotees became rather fearless in their lives. It became difficult to be depressed, because all was in the control of Maharajji. The bleakest, scariest things could be faced because it was yet another Lila of Maharajji. And they often experienced the most remarkable outcomes to situations. Their lives are no longer operating along the lines of their human brains all the way down to their reptile brains at the core of their minds. They now are operating in a different way. Most devotees that I know operate as though Maharajji were just in the next room – that Maharajji is attending to everything – including the weather. How is that possible? I don’t know. I just know that the devotees of satsang operate their lives in this way. They just let Maharajji move them.

There are many who are unconscious of this also. Maharajji is playing a part in the lives of many people who simply don’t recognize any control by Maharajji at all. This can be family and friends. Yet Maharajji’s grace, Maharajji’s blessing, is there in their lives on a daily basis whether they know it or not. This is, quite naturally, the case with close family and friends of Maharajji’s satsang. How could they not be affected? Grace is grace. The grace rubs off on those with whom you interact. If your friend is a devotee of Maharajji, Maharajji affects you in a very positive albeit unseen way. It may take 20 years for you to realize this or you may never realize it in this life. It matters little.

To hear, or better still, to speak the name Neem Karoli Baba, or any of the variations of that name, one must be ready. And it goes beyond that.

Maharajji said, “Go on worshipping God in thought, word, and action. Then you will be able to perform Nishkama Karma (deeds performed without any attachment or desire). The ability of Nishkama Karma can be achieved only by His grace and cannot be acquired by any other means. None can claim a right to His grace. It is up to Him to give it, refuse it, or to take it away."

We are all born with some physical powers to help us through. Maybe you have extra endurance energy or exceptional eyesight or great strength or have a photographic memory or even telepathy. Maharajji seems to enhance those innate powers and indeed gives new powers that devotees previously did not know existed.

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