There is No Limit to Such Things

It's All About You.  Everything about Maharajji is to get you in touch with you, to show you who you really are, to bring you into being your greater self; your greater You. That greater You is fundamentally Maharajji. Maharajji would not have even appeared in form if not for the devotees, for His children. He was not here for anything but us – particularly You. It may have appeared that he was here “for Himself” because we can apparently trace Him in time, like a normal person, but that is not the case.

Maharajji (Atma) and You (Jivatma) are doing what you are doing together in a way only known to you. Either you are spiritually evolving or you are not. Some can fudge the results to make them look good to receive favor from other humans but it will be limited. You can only surrender to Maharajji and let the rest of it play out.

Surrender is everything. But it must be said that all of it is under the complete control of Maharajji.

Maharajji looks within you and sees who you really are. You do not go to Him, now. He comes to you. Yes, He may call you to His ashram or temple to “be with Him.” If that is the case, you should be very open to hearing Him. Everything will be a message. The whole Lila that takes place there is the message, so observe everything. There will be moments that will “ring a bell” within your thinking. Be sensitive to those. Maharajji helps you achieve a balance between the inner and outer with these moments.

As Mukundaji so beautifully describes, “As soon as he will hear the call of a person in trouble wherever he may be then either he himself or through any other means of either a moving mean or a non-moving mean.  Either he will go there himself or he will prompt others to do it.  He will rescue that particular person in trouble.  And, such Lilas would take place continuously in an eternal flow without any impediment with the same speed.  And, they are taking place even today. And, that was the reason that he could never stay at one place.  His body and his divine limbs were always moving even while we were thinking he was in samadhi or he was in deep sleep he would be present somewhere else performing his Lilas. There is no number of the [lilas and kathas], the tales of Babaji Maharaj, there is no limit to such things.”

All of us think about ourselves most of the time. Oh yes, we may be serving others in some ways, but generally we are thinking about ourselves – about body functioning like peeing or pooping, eating, being hot or cold, whether we are happy or sad, energized or fatigued. Maharajji was here for His devotees only.

राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम

Maharajji said, ”Dada, you should not be angry. This is the world, this is samsara [illusion]. Nobody comes to me for my own sake; everybody comes for their own problems.”

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