First Darshan of Neem Karoli Maharaj

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiI was working as a lecturer in Govt. Training College, Allahabad since Jan 1946. Mrs. E.B. Joshi was the principal of the college that time. She was very well known throughout the State on account of her deep knowledge and wisdom. Later on she was selected in Indian Administrative Services and joined her new post in 1952.

This college was completely shifted to Agra in July 1950. All the teachers and the students resided together in one hostel at Agra. The Bangalow allotted to the principal was quite spacious and was at a little distance.

I and one of my fellow lecturers used to go for sleep at night in that particular bungalow. In the evening Smt. Joshi would talk to us regarding many subjects and we felt ashamed on account of our ignorance about these subjects.

One day in 1950-51 during her talks about the saints and sages she referred to one saint who used to come from Almorah. She told that he is omniscient, omnipresent and whatever comes out of his mouth becomes truth. Since the very day I developed an intense desire to see this miraculous Baba.

And the Bus Stopped

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiIt was 5th of February 1971 and almost last days of winter season. Maharaj Ji used to stay in 4, Church Lane during winters and he would go to Sangam with some devotees quite frequently. On Feb.6, Dada, Ashoka, Siddhi Didi and Jayanti Didi had gone for darshan of lying Hanuman at Sangam area and were thinking to return back to this home. Suddenly we saw a large tourist bus coming from the opposite direction. We were on foot and Maharaj Ji with Dada were leading us. The Bus suddenly came to an halt there was some whispering in the bus which could be easily heard by the pilgrims on the road side. We saw a long row of tall and white people of both sexes getting down from the Bus. We heard "There he is." We could not found out who said this.

Prof. Richard Albert Ram Das (the names given by Maharaj Ji), Jagannath Das, Dwarka, Rameshwar Das, Balram Das and many others got down immediately and prostrated before Maharaj Ji.

Ram Ram in the Magazine

The OECD report was received by Dada in the month of August. As a matter of principle whenever the Books and magazines would come to Dada he would first go through them completely, would keep them away from his table and then after a day or two he used to put them in Almirah. It was his permanent habit.

It was beyond our pocket in those days to employ full time servant separately for cleaning the table, room and do other household works. My mother in law used to cook lunch while Mashima would prepare dinner for the small family. Dada’s younger brother and one sister’s son (Vibhuti) also used to live along with us. I used to welcome guests and serve them breakfast and sweep the whole house. Generally all this was one and half hours job.

Baba's Darshan (Feb 1965)

By the virtue of my becoming Vice-Principal of Govt. Training College I had to work a lot. I was feeling slight restlessness that day. I wished to go home soon and that is why I took permission from the Principal to leave even before the closure of the institution. I got a rickshaw and started towards my house at 3 PM. As soon as my rickshaw reached Indian Press Crossing I saw Maharaj Ji partially covered with blanket going in a car occupying the front seat and putting his arms on the left window of the car.