Maharajji is The Master

Maharajji is the guide, Maharajji is the master. At sometime on the future physical plane timeline, all are Maharajji because the Jivatma souls riding in the bodies have realized that they are not animals, that Jivatma did not arise from primordial ooze, although this is what their physical plane bodies evolved from.

Maharajji won't randomly mess around with your karma. Your karma is, well, your karma. Yet Maharajji seems to mitigate karma for His devotees. Perhaps it is your karma to get sick and Maharajji will help by making your illness less severe. Maybe you are never destined to wed and have children but He will bring you into happy association with many young people. However, Maharajji said, "I am capable of changing destiny. There is no power in the world that can go against what I have said. I can lower the exalted and raise the humble."

This is a very profound statement, and worthy of the deepest contemplation.

Maharajji is not by any means a "New Age" phenomenon. It's almost silly to think that. Maharajji is not a hokus pokus hustle. Maharajji is as real as can be. He always has been utterly real and always will be utterly real. He is you, He is me, He is us.

 Maharajji transcends everything ever created or invented on the physical plane. he has been guiding us for more than two thousand years and He will not stop. He cannot be diminished or removed because He is within all. There is no group to join. There is no organization. There are precious few guides you can trust. Be enlightened by the light of love. Practice peace and the greater love. Always seek to operate using a greater understanding. Operate under the eternal universal Golden Rule, as taught by Jesus "Do to others as you would have them to do to you."

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