It All Abides in Love frontcover 160wIt All Abides in Love
"Perfect for any intermediate-advanced followers of Neem Karoli Baba. It puts a lot of the advanced teaching bluntly and for those who can understand it, that is amazing! I like that it does give it's own guidance on some of the teaching. A lot of book[s] are only stories and leave you to make your own conclusions. This book gives you conclusions that are beyond the material."

Maharajji's Method of Teaching

Maharajji knows you. Maharajji knows all about you. Maharajji has a plan for you. Maharajji is the teacher who never taoght by traitional means.

Maharajji would hit you in the head, or pull your beard, or yank your hair, or say strange things about you, or fill you with food and put you to sleep.

Maharajji taught through His Lila.

When there is something happening, it is Maharajji's Lila. When there is nothing happening, it is Maharajji's Lila. you are feeling sick, it is Maharajji's Lila.

Maharajji Wasn't Like Us

Maharajji wasn't like "us". Maharajji didn't think like us. Maharajji didn't act like us. Maharajji didn't react like us. Maharajji didn't do things the way we do things. Neem Karoli baba wasn't in the Time-Space Continuum as we are. It could be said that Maharajji wasn't/isn't a human. He appeared as a human body that we refer to as Neem karoli Baba. He had arms, legs, eyes, and ears, like all of us. He had feet; much revered and beloved feet - lotus feet. What does this mean ? How is this possible ? It is almost incomprehensible. That is Maharajji. This is what makes Maharajji worthy of the deepest study and contemplation. By turning to Him with love and devotion to your understanding, a realization may begin to develop.

The Photo Sees

The Hindus believe that the murti (sculpture) of the God sees. By extension, this also means that the photograph also sees you.

The Hindus do not so much go to the temple to see the sculpted manifestation of God, but rather for the deity to see them. There are so many cases where devotees of Maharajji go to the photo of Maharajji to ask for something that is then forthcoming.

The devotee prays to the photo and Maharajji answers the prayer.
Maharajji gives His darshan through photos of Him. If you have seen a photo of Maharajji you might be drawn to finding out more about Maharajji.

There is not much in the way of teaching about Maharajji.

Playing with Time

There are many anomalies surrounding Maharajji, not the least of which is the question of time. Timing is Everything. Synchronicity is a big element of the Lila of Maharajji.

Devotees of Maharajji often share these stories with each other. These often reveal how Maharajji uses timing. For example, when two of His devotees meet in such a way that what they both intended they both intended to do changes. These meetimgs can be when people will be at a particular spot within little tiny time windows of 1 or 2 minutes, and sometimes just 1-2 seconds.

Often Maharajji will make you late or cause you to be ahead of schedule. There are many stories of this in the daily lives of His devotees. These stories will rarely be written in books about Maharajji's Lilas because He had touched them each in their own very personal way.

Maharajji is The Master

Maharajji is the guide, Maharajji is the master. At sometime on the future physical plane timeline, all are Maharajji because the Jivatma souls riding in the bodies have realized that they are not animals, that Jivatma did not arise from primordial ooze, although this is what their physical plane bodies evolved from.

Maharajji won't randomly mess around with your karma. Your karma is, well, your karma. Yet Maharajji seems to mitigate karma for His devotees. Perhaps it is your karma to get sick and Maharajji will help by making your illness less severe. Maybe you are never destined to wed and have children but He will bring you into happy association with many young people. However, Maharajji said, "I am capable of changing destiny. There is no power in the world that can go against what I have said. I can lower the exalted and raise the humble."