Maharajji Wasn't Like Us

Maharajji wasn't like "us". Maharajji didn't think like us. Maharajji didn't act like us. Maharajji didn't react like us. Maharajji didn't do things the way we do things. Neem Karoli baba wasn't in the Time-Space Continuum as we are. It could be said that Maharajji wasn't/isn't a human. He appeared as a human body that we refer to as Neem Karoli Baba. He had arms, legs, eyes, andears, like all of us. He had feet; much revered and beloved feet - lotus feet. What does this mean ? How is this possible ? It is almost incomprehensible. That is Maharajji. This is what makes Maharajji worthy of the deepest study and contemplation.

By turning to Him with love and devotion to your understanding, a realization may begin to develop.

Dada wrote this about Maharajji, "We all know that Babaji has been a human being with human form and shape. But if we confine our attention merely to the physical, to the body, we cannot understand him. We find that even with the physique of a human being,
he had the energy, he had the power, he had the love and affection that does not come to a human being. The greatest human beings of whom we read in history, no doubt they have done and achieved so many things. But what Babaji, or a saint like him, could achieve was certainly not in the capacity of the individual human being. If that is so, we must conclude that in the human body there was some force, some authority, that was not human.

Mataji said that when one fully realizes who Maharajji is, they are completely shaken to the very depths of their being. This may appear to even be a form of insanity to others because people's minds cannot grasp what is happening and can lose their grip on reality. This is because there is nothing in human life to train one to understand or comprehend that such a being as Maharajji even exists among us on earth.

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