Badrinath Speaks About Maharajji

Video 3:26. Ram Dass said to me, “Whatever you see in me, it comes from the guru."  …. And I walked into the gate where Maharajji has his ashram … He was very unassuming, very fatherly to me, very kind, and I felt very comfortable … This man made me feel like he is my grandfather…

Radha Speaks About Maharajji

Video 2:55. I asked him for faith. He said, “You already have it.” I said, “No”… He said,“Do you have a picture of me?” I said, “Yes.” He just closed his eyes for a moment and said, “You take that picture to sleep with you every night and you hold it to your heart ?” And I said, “Yes, I do.”

Mirabai Speaks About Maharajji

Video 4:33. And I was just flat down at his feet. There was nothing else to do except a full pranam at his feet. My heart just broke open …..this is heaven…Some people had names and everybody wanted a name …One day he was just really very loving to me and he said, “Your name is Mira Bai.” She is devoted to Krishna.

Ram Giri Speaks About Maharajji

Video 1:20. It was this profound love, this presence, this essence that was around him that transformed us all in no time; with no teaching, no practice other than being with the beloved; and you were just melting into that love , day after day after day. And then he vanished because we had to learn to find that in us. And I am still working on it.

Jai Ram - Treasury of Grace

Video 2:21. Mukunda wrote in Prem Avatar, ‘Shri Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj was the manifestation of God or the incarnation himself.  He was the paramGuru, he was the absolute God or complete being, he was the treasury of grace, of kindness, of forgiveness, and he was the very fountain of blissful love for God.  He was also the giver of that blissful love for God to others.’