Ram Dev Speaks About Maharajji

Video 4:03. I had this picture (it just had this feeling) of Hanuman embracing Ram.... Many of Maharajji’s devotes feel Maharajji is Hanuman… I had this picture and I kind of just threw it at Maharajji. It was a very selfless act. I wasn’t wanting anything in return. He picked up the picture, He unrolled it, He started looking at the picture and He started crying…

Raghu Speaks About Maharajji

Video 5:57. Then suddenly Maharajji looked at me, turned around, I was right at the end of the tucket, and He said, “Did you give your father the medicine.” I said, Yeah. He had a cold. I gave him some aspirin.” I was thinking I could take care of him. He said, “No, the yogi medicine that Ram Dass gave me.” I went, “Acid?”

Jai Uttal Speaks About Maharajji

Video 5:48. We waited and waited and waited in that dusty courtyard… Maharajji hadn’t come out yet… Then finally Maharajji just burst out of the room. Two guys were trying to hold him…, bounding like and elephant…, right onto the tucket…, fruits flying. In my memory it was like this wildness. Obviously it was really, but on some sphere… He joed us to the side a little bit.

Shivaya Baba Speaks About Maharajji

Video 2:29. Shivaya speaks about his first meeting with Maharajji. "When I first walked into the ashram, Maharajji was up on the tucket. There were like 15-20 devotees sitting around. And Maharajji just jumped up and He just started screaming, "Gandhiji, Gandhiji, Gandhiji has come. Come, come, Gandhiji." And He's laughing, and He's hysterical and everybody gets hysterical. If course, I'm laughing and there was just this huge laugh-fest going on..."

Jai Ram - Maharajji Wasn't Like Us

Video 3:01. It All Abides in Love Reading: Maharajji Wasn't Like Us. This is a reading by Jai Ram Ransom of an excerpt from It All Abides in Love - Maharajji Neem Karoli Baba. "Maharajji wasn’t like 'us.' Maharajji didn’t think like us. Maharajji didn’t act like us. Maharajji didn’t react like us. Maharajji didn’t do things the way we do things. Neem Karoli Baba wasn’t in the Time-Space Continuum as we are.