Janaki Speaks About Maharajji

Video 3:44. Maharajji told me to remember God…, He didn’t say God, so let me clarify that, because that's important. He said, “Yad karo.” "Hamesha yad karo" means “remember all the time”… It allows you to live in a state of grace. And the way Maharajji brought that particular atmosphere into His surroundings was to have chanting going on all the time. Either we were hearing Hare Ram, Hare Krishna. We were hearing Shri Ram Jai Ram.

Rameshwar Das Speaks About Maharajji

Video 5:07. There was always this extraordinary energy around Him. Often it would pull you inwards in a very profound way. His interaction with me were just [spaces out]…, everybody in the group there seemed to get just what they needed… Sometimes you wouldn’t understand what He was talking about until, well, years later. Sometimes He would make it quite clear that He knew exactly what we were doing when we weren’t there too.

Mohan Speaks About Maharajji

Video 4:59. Long time later, we were in the mountains and I was in front of him - Maharajji - Neem Karoli Baba… “How can I get this person to like me?” I had nothing and this guy didn’t want anything from me…So he takes the hat off my head and...Internally I was completely overjoyed he wanted my hat… For the other people, it was a meaningless thing. He didn't want my hat.

Naima Speaks About Maharajji

Video 00:56. Initially I was just an observer. I thought it was strange and weird. But I just kept observing. I loved the kirtan. I don’t think I said anything, and he just put his hand on my head and there was a connection that happened. Something happened there and I sort of started to get it. It was just this playful personal connection that we made and it was directly to the heart.

Jai Ram - The Really Big Love

Video 4:14. It All Abides in Love Reading: Maharajji - The Really Big Love. Maharajji’s Love is not narrow love. Not the “I love you” love from the movies. It is the Really Big Love. The omnipotent love for all. It’s like love for your spouse, your children, your friend, a possession, but also for every animal, every plant, for the molecules in all of us and in everything.