Lila at Hanumangarh

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiBefore setting up a Hanuman temple at Hanumangarh, about one and a half k.m. from Nainital, Babaji had established Hanuman temples at Babania in Gujarat and at Neebkarori. But the temple built at Bajranga Garh was the first in Uttarakhand.

Babaji selected a gravel hill at a place named Ghati for this temple at Nainital. The hill was so weak that there was always a land slide and was a danger to the nearby places and the road down below.

Besides, the children and adults who died of small-pox were buried in the adjacent Manora hill. After sunset none dared to go there alone. The phosphorus emitted by the bones lying there sparked off here and there at night and made the place look more frightening.

Babaji very well knew that the local people might not suddenly be inspired to build a temple there. He, therefore, sat on the road-side parapets one by one in the evening everyday after Kisanpur, a place about 1 km. from Nainital.

The devotees also gathered there, tea was made by the road-side, and bhandara was arranged with the prasad brought. Maharajji often spent the night there with a few devotees. This system continued for many days.

About Bhumiadhar Temple

After this Babaji occasionally visited Hanumangarh. When a trust was formed and the management of the temple was handed over to it, he stopped going there.

Formerly whenever he came, he used to visit Bhumiadhar, a village located by Gethia-Bhumiadhar road. On his arrival there, the same activities as those at Nainital-Haldwani were carried out in each and every house.

On getting the news, the devotees went there from Nainital and Haldwani also. There was a great fan-fare of bhandara, kirtan, devotional songs and of Babaji's benevolent activities. Nights were spent on the road, in the dry watercourses or on the bridges there along with a few devotees.

Shri Kainchi Dham Temple

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiSymbolic of Babaji's Will Power

Whatever Babaji thought of, he remained firm on it. In what way, aspect, mood, or thought, it would materialize was known to him only. There are many instances of it, but only a few of them related to Kainchidham Hanuman temple are given here and some instances in other context will be narrated in further sections.

In 1942, Poornanand Tewari had gone to Nainital to get some papers connected with his law- suit. As he missed the bus, he was coming back to Kainchi on foot via Gathia. It was the dark of night and the tired and frightened Tewari was passing by Khufia danth, so-called a haunted place.

He saw a bulky man wrapped in a blanket by the Khufia danth. He was scared but that man called him by name telling him the reason of his (Tewari's) coming there at that odd hour. He was none else but Baba Neeb Karoliji Maharaj.

Tewari felt somewhat comfortable. Babaji talked to him for a little while and asked him to go forward fearlessly and that he would get a public transport ahead. Tewari asked Baba when he would have his darshan again.  "Later, after twenty years" was the prompt reply. Tewari left in a state of uncertainty. Babaji also disappeared from Tewari's sight. After some time he also got a conveyance.

Heaven at Shri Vrindavandham

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiThose who had the darshan of Baba Neem Karoli, the wandering yogi, never knew that he would create a heaven for them at Shri Vrindavandham, a sacred pilgrimage center.

He had already prepared a back- ground for it when Shri Ma had the first darshan of him in 1944. Asking her to come near him 'he then told her "I will build a hut for you in Vrindavan" Shri Ma did not grasp the meaning then, nor did she pay any attention to it.

The truth of the Master's utterance had to come out.

In due course of time, not only the huts for Shri Ma and Maharaj, but Baba Neeb Karoli ashram and Hanuman temple and that of 'Vrindeshwari' (the goddess of Vrindavan) were built in a vast area of land. A commemorative temple has also been built over the mortal remains of Babaji Maharaj.

Kakarighat Hanuman Temple

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiKakarighat Hanuman Temple.

Along with the construction of temples at Bhumiadhar and Kainchi, Maharajji got a Hanuman temple built through his devotees at Kakarighat village, at a distance of about 22-23 km from Kainchi village.

It was formerly the place of spiritual activities of Somwari Baba.

Swami Vivekananda once went into trance in the temple of Shiva in Kakarighat and had a unique spiritual realization.