The Photo Sees

The Hindus believe that the murti (sculpture) of the God sees. By extension, this also means that the photograph also sees you.

The Hindus do not so much go to the temple to see the sculpted manifestation of God, but rather for the deity to see them. There are so many cases where devotees of Maharajji go to the photo of Maharajji to ask for something that is then forthcoming.

The devotee prays to the photo and Maharajji answers the prayer.
Maharajji gives His darshan through photos of Him. If you have seen a photo of Maharajji you might be drawn to finding out more about Maharajji.

There is not much in the way of teaching about Maharajji.

Most information about Maharajji is contained in several books of stories of Maharajji's Lila's, a website at, and from others who know something worthwhile about Maharajji.

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