It All Abides in Love frontcover 160wIt All Abides in Love
"Perfect for any intermediate-advanced followers of Neem Karoli Baba. It puts a lot of the advanced teaching bluntly and for those who can understand it, that is amazing! I like that it does give it's own guidance on some of the teaching. A lot of book[s] are only stories and leave you to make your own conclusions. This book gives you conclusions that are beyond the material."

Maharajji Was in Two Places at Once

One day I was hanging out in Vrindavan Ashram with Maharajji's son-in-law Jagdish. I said, "It must have been amazing having Maharajji as your father-in-law.” He held up his open hand and said, "I saw Maharajji only once and that was for only ten minutes." He then narrated this story to me.

In India, after the parents have arranged a marriage, there is a ceremony where the bribe and groom meet for the first time. The ceremony is the presenting of the goddess Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu. The families were waiting for Maharajji before this rite, at a house in Agra. Maharajji arrived in a car, entered the house, presented Girija to Jagdish, and then left in the car 10 minutes after arriving. That was the extent of his time with Maharajji.

Surrender Is Everything

Amidst all this, Maharajji is/was working on people in a different way. The Lilas of Maharajji are so important to the process. The Lilas of Maharajji shake the foundations of the “reality” of the devotee to the point that what they thought was real would be called into question in their minds. Surrendering to a new reality becomes all there is. In this surrender lies the salvation of so many new life experiences. Shaking the foundations of what had been thought to be reality is the first step to freedom and some understanding. Most long-time devotees of Maharajji in this life realize that they have been with Maharajji, in service to and with Maharajji, for many, many lifetimes. Evolutionarily, it is about the freeing and tuning of the entire human race to a much higher vibration.

Maharajji’s satsang have surrendered their lives to Maharajji. Maharajji called these devotees and pulled them into His Lila.

Maharajji Raises Yudhisthir

I heard the following story in Vrindavan about a year before Yudhisthir Singh left his body. The story happened when Yudhisthir was quite young, many years before.

Maharajji was on the plains of India. He told Yudhisthir to come along with Him to the mountains. Yudhisthir told Maharajji that he had just taken driver training and now had a driving license, so he could help with driving duties. Maharajji said, “No. If Yudhisthir drives we will all be killed.”

The drive was very long but Maharajji would not let the driver stop to rest or take tea. The driver became so weary that he was just about passing out at the wheel. When they finally reached the mountains, Maharajji told Yudhisthir to drive, so he took the wheel. Remember, Yudhisthir had just recently learned to drive.

The Lilas Are the Teaching

Maharajji Neem Karoli Baba Neeb KaroriMaharajji did so many of these Lilas as teachings, as examples that would go into the books of stories about Him. Maharajji never really gave teachings, as such. He never really sat down and gave lessons. His teachings were examples that people would learn from because of having experienced them. It has been said that Maharajji did not give formal teachings because no one could truly hear him, because no one truly understood.

Someone asked Maharajji why he didn’t give teachings (I assume, he was asking why Maharajji didn’t give “lectures”). Maharajji asked various people around His tucket what they were going to do the next day. They gave answers that described their usual day of mundane activities of work, etc..