Janaki Speaks About Maharajji

Video 3:44. Maharajji told me to remember God. He didn’t say God. Let me clarify. He said, “Yaad karo. Hamesha yaad karo,” means remember all the time… the way that Maharajji had brought that particular atmosphere into the surroundings was to have chanting going on all the time. So either we were hearing Hare Ram Hare Krishna or Shri Ram Jai Ram,or the Hanuman Chalisa, all kinds of bhajans that people might choose to sing.

Ram Dass: Maharajji Lived in Eternity

Video 21:46. Must See Whole Video. I looked up. He was right here. He was looking at me with unconditional love. And I had never been looked at with uncoditional love by my parents, my friends, by my lovers, not by anybody. I felt loved. I felt love. And I felt something happening in my heart. That visit lasted six months. I just couldn't get away from Maharajji...

Ram Dass on Giving Maharajji LSD

Video 3:48. Right after I met Him, He said to me, "You got any of that yogi medicine?" I said, "What yogi medicine?" I thought He meant vitamins. I thought, "Well, I've got something but they won't help a man like you." He said, "Yogi medicine, yogi medicine." Somebody said, "I think He means the acid.." I said, "You mean acid?" He said, "Yeah."

Anasuya Speaks About Maharajji

Video 3:55. He told everybody at some point in the darshan to leave and then he said to me, “Not you. You stay. You have a question for me.” Everybody got up and laughed….. So I said, “Am I doing the right sadhna?” He just said, “Theek hai. Yeah it’s okay.” Then he said, “Do you think that by coming to temples like this brings you closer to God?”

Balaram Speaks About Maharajji

Video 2:39. I walked across the bridge and I could see Maharajji sitting on his tucket out there.... Then he called me and said, "Go now, come again."  And then he added interestingly, “And on the way back, bow in front of each temple,” because I had not done that and obviously he had noticed that. So I did. I had never done that before.