Bajarang Ban English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiThose devotees who recite these verses with love and unwavering faith have all their benign desires fulfilled by Hanuman.

Hail to the refuge of the feet of Sita's husband, Ramachandra.

Glory to Hanuman, the benefactor of saints.
Please listen to our prayer.
Do not delay in doing the work of your devotees.
Please rush to do it and give us immense peace.

[Come running] in the same manner as you leapt across the ocean, entered and then emerged from the expanded mouth of Surasa [who tried to obstruct your path], and on landing in Lanka sent the demoness Lankini to the heavenly abode by kicking her to death [when she tried to prevent you from entering the city].

There you went and gave pleasure to Vibhishan [by meeting him] and attained
the supreme position [of being loved by Sri Ram] due to Sita's merciful
benediction. Then you laid  waste the Ashoka grove and dumped the trees in
the ocean, symbolically breaking the knife of Yama, the God of Death.

You killed Akshay Kumar[son of Ravana] and burnt Lanka with your tail[which
was wrapped in oil-drenched rags and set on fire at the instructions of
Ravana]. Lanka was burnt like lac[molten wax] and the heavens were filled by
the sound of "Hail to Hanuman's glory".

Why are you delaying now my Lord; you know what resides in the minds of your
devotees, so have mercy on me. Glory to you who restored the life of Lakshman.
Dispel my fears expeditiously.

Hail to the mountain-bearer ! You are an ocean of happiness, wisest amongst
gods and the most skillful. O you of indomitable spirit kill thy enemies
[lust, anger, greed...] as if they were nailed by the strike of a thunderbolt.

O Lord ! Relieve your servant by hitting the enemies with your mace as if it
were a thunderbolt. Saying the thundering sound of OM, challenge the enemies
and crush them with your mace.

O Hanuman, Lord of the Monkeys, I invoke you with the Tantric call of Om hrin
hrin hrin and Om hu hu hu. Strike the enemy in the chest and head. I say on
oath in the name of Hari that all that I say is the truth. O messenger of Sri
Ram, rush to attack the enemy at once.

Glory to you, O Hanuman, the fathomless ! Due to which offence is your devotee
suffering so much ? This servant of yours knows nothing of worship, sacred
mantras, penance, or the discipline of rituals and virtuous acts.

Relying on your strength, I have no fear anywhere - whether in the forest,
garden, mountains, on the road, or in the house. I fall at your feet and entreat
you with folded hands[to accomplish my work]. For whom else shall I call at
this hour ?

Hail Hanuman ! The all-powerful son of Anjani and brave son of Shiva.
You have a fierce and terrifying body and are the slayer of even the God of
Death's minions. You are always by the side of Sri Ram and are the benefactor
of all.

Slay all evil spirits: ghosts, spirits, hobgoblins, demons, fire, vampires,
calamities,and epidemics. Kill all of them in the name of Lord Sri Ram
thereby maintaining the sanctity and propriety of the holy name.

You are the servant of Sri Ram and Mother Sita. I implore you in their names-
make no delay. The sky is reverberating with the sound of your glories[being
sung by the gods], the mere remembrance of which dispels all sorrows.

I have come to take refuge at your feet. I plead with you; who else shall I
call for help in this time of urgent need ? Get up, get up, come along ! I
urge you with folded hands to swing into action[to protect me].

I call upon you O nimble-footed Hanuman with the Tantric call of Om cha cha
cha cha and Om hanu hanu hanu hanu. Strike swiftly like lightning! O Hanuman,
you are swift. Whenever the monkeys roar, the crowd of evil-doers flee in

Save this devotee of yours immediately. I get immense pleasure remembering
you. Who can save anyone who is attacked with the arrow of Bajarang Baan[literally
meaning an arrow as strong as a thunderbolt] ?

Those who recite these verses of Bajarang Baan are protected for life by
Hanuman. Even ghosts and evil spirits tremble out of fear of those who chant
this Bajarang Baan.

Those who wave incense sticks in front of you and chant your holy name are
always free from bodily torments of all kinds.

Those who chant Hanuman's holy name with faith, devotion, and love and always
remember him in their hearts are sure to have all their desires fulfilled
by Hanuman.

Hail to the refuge of the feet of Sita's husband, Ramachandra.