Devyaparadhaksamapana Stotram English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiO mother! Neither do I know any incantation nor any system of worship, nor do I know how to pray. Neither am I aware of the means of invocation, nor do I know the art of meditation. Neither am I versed in your various forms, nor do I know how to weep in distress. But one thing I know for certain is that merely following you destroys all sorts of afflictions and distress.

O Redeemer of all, Blessed Mother! I do not know ritual worship, neither do I have enough money for that. Since I am lazy by nature, I cannot perform worship in the right way. All these shortcomings might have allowed mistakes to creep into my service to you. Please forgive me for them as it is possible to have a bad child, but it is not in the mothers nature to be bad (like a kindhearted mother forgives the mistakes of her careless child, please do so in my case).

O Mother! You have countless simple-hearted and worthy children save myself, who is very naughty and fickle minded. Indeed you will rarely have a child as bad as I am. Oh Shive! Your forsaking me is not meet for you as a mother – For there can be a bad child, but it is impossible to have a bad mother.

Devyaparadhaksamapana Stotram Transliteration

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiNa mantram no yantram tadapi ca na jane stutimaho
Na cahvanam dhyanam tadapi ca na jane stutikathah
Na jane mudraste tadapi ca na jane vilapanam
Param jane matastva danusaranam klesaharanam

Vidher-ajnanena dravina-virahenalasataya
Vidheya sakyatvat-tava caranayor-ya cyutir-abhut
Tad-etat ksantavyam janani sakaloddharini sive
Kuputro jayeta kvacidapi kumata na bhavati.

Prthivyam putraste janani bahavah santi saralah
Param tesam madhye viralataralo ham tava sutah
Madiyo yam tyagah samucitamidam no tava sive
Kuputro jayeta kvacidapi kumata na bhavati.