Jaya Jagadish Hare English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiHail Master, Lord of the Universe
Who removes in a moment the troubles
Of devotees and the sufferings
Of the poor

One who meditates on You gets the fruit
Sorrow is removed from mind and heart
Happiness and wealth come to the home
Pain is wiped away from the body


You are my mother and father
In whom I take refuge
No other than You do I accept
Of whom I accept everything

You are the complete being
You are the knower of all hearts
You are beyond Brahma, the Supreme Lord
You are the Lord of all, Master

You are an ocean of compassion
You are the sustainer
I am the servant, You the Lord
Grant me Your Grace, O Lord

You are the Invisible One
The protector of all life force
Who else would be the channel
Through whom the compassion flows

You are the brother of the meek
And reliever of their sorrow
You are my savior. Raise Your Hands
In blessing - I am lying at Your Door

Wipe out worldly faults
Take away my sins, O Lord
Increase my faith and devotions
In order that I may serve the saints