Narayani Stuti English

Neeb Karori Baba Maharajji

O Devi, remover of the sorrows of all those who seek you, please be gracious to us. Be gracious O Mother of the Universe! Be gracious O Mother, the cause of the universe and protector of the worlds. You are the controller of all that is moveable and immoveable in the universe.

Existing as the Earth deity, you are the support of all life. Existing as the water deity, you of inviolable Valor cause the growth and prosperity of the whole world.

You are the power of Vishnu and therefore of endless valor. You are the seed from which the universe has emerged. You are the supreme Maya. This entire universe is enchanted by you. By your grace and blessings alone can there be release from this enchanting Maya.

All kinds of knowledge revealed to humans in all fields of inquiry are all the various aspects of you alone. All the female forms in all the worlds are your own form. Mother, all these worlds are filled by you only. Where can we find a hym which contains praises capable of extolling you?

O Devi, the Effulgent One! The embodiment of all beings, bestower of worldly happiness as well as the bliss of liberation! When one begins to extol you according to one's capacity, their praise, however deficient or frail it may be, becomes excellent and meritorious.

O Devi, the Effulgent One! O Narayani! Prostrations to you who abides as the power of intelligence in all beings and bestows the joy of heavenly pleasures and also the bliss of liberation.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, who in the form of milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and such measurements of time sustains the continuity of Time and the evolutionary progress in the universe, and at the end causes the dissolution of that universe which you yourself created.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, who bestows our auspiciousness upon all auspicious objects, who bestows fulfillment in all fields of pursuit, and who is merciful to those who take refuge in you. O Three-eyes Goddess!

Prostrations to you O Narayani, to You, the cause of the cyclic phenomenon of creation, sustenance, destruction; the Eternal One; the repository of the three gunas [sattya, rajas, tamas] and the power that pervades and activates these gunas.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, who is so intent to protect the distressed and impoverished ones who take refuge in you! Prostration's to you Devi, the destroyer of the sorrows of all beings.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, in the form of Brahmaani, the power of Lord Brahma, who sits in an aerial chariot drawn by the celestial swan and purifies the world with sanctified water sprinkled by the Kusa grass.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, in the form of Maheshwari, the power of Lord Shiva, who wears the crescent and the divine servants, holds a trident, and rides on the celestial bull.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, in the fool form of Kaumari, the power of Kumara [The commander-In-chief of the divine forces], who rides the celestial peacock, is armed with invincible power crystallized in the form of a spear, has the insignia of a cock on her flag, and is ever immaculate.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, in the form of Vaishnavi, the power of Lord Vishnu, armed with the most powerful weapons: the conch, discus, mace and bow. May you be pleased with us.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, in the form of Vaarahi, the power of Lord Vishnu in the form of a wild boar, who sports a huge face with tasks carved upwards on which is upheld the earth deity. [Earth was once tormented and submerged in the oceanic waters by the asura Hiranyaksha and was recovered by Vishnu in his incarnation as the wild boar]. To you of auspicious form, our prostrations.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, who took the form of Naarasimhi, the power of Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as a human lion [having a body of a man and the head of a lion] to annihilate the demon [Hiranyakasipu] and thus became worshipful on account of her eagerness to protect the three worlds [from the aggression of demonic forces].

Prostrations to you O Narayani, in the form of Indrani, who wears a crown as and is armed with the powerful weapon Vajra, who is resplendent with thousands of eyes and who is annihilator of the asura named Vrittra.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, who, assuming a terrible form and producing deafening roars, manifested as Shivadooti of great strength and destroyed the hordes of demons.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, whose face is fearful to look at on account of curving canine teeth, who is adorned by a garland of human skulls, who is the destroyer of Chanda and Munda.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, who manifests as divine wealth [Lakshmi], modesty supreme knowledge, right faith, The power of nourishment, nectar, the great night of dissolution, and the supreme enchantment.

Prostrations to you O Narayani, in the form of intelligence, who is the goddess of wisdom, the auspicious one, the bestower of all wealth and two abides as ignorance in tamasic people. May you deign to be propitious to us at all times.

O Devi, the Effulgent One, all forms of all things and beings are only you and you are the controller of everything and every being. In you are held all powers of all beings. May you save us from fear. Prostrations to you O Durga!

May your serene face, adorned with three eyes, protect us from all fears. Prostrations to you O Katyayani!

May your trident, blazing like a fiery flame and causing the destruction of all devilish forces, protect us from all fears. O Bhadrakali, prostrations to you!

May your bell, whose sound fills the entire universe and destroys the glamour of the demonic forces, protect us from all sinful actions as if we were its own children.

May your sword, which shines in your hand, stained with the blood, flesh, and fat of the demons be productive of all auspicious nests to us. We prostrate to you, O Chandika!

When you are pleased, you remove all diseases of the body, mind, and intellect of devotees and bestow on them all their cherished desires. Those who take refuge in you know no disaster. On the other hand, they in turn become a refuge for others.

Narayani Stuti - Older version (1996)

O Devi ! O Destroyer of woes! Be Pleased. O Mother of all the worlds! O Supreme Controller of the Universe! Protect us all, and protect this world!

Thou art the Support of this Universe. Thou, the One is appearing as this world! Thou art water. Thou art the elements. Thou are Vishnu-Maya. Thou art the Cause for bondage and liberation. All knowledge is Thy form.

All women are Thyself, O Mother! All this is filled by Thee alone. Thou art Intelligence in all men. O Narayani! Thou art the giver of Svarga and Moksha. Thou art Time, Space and Causation. O Blessed Refuge of the distressed, O Narayani! Salutations to Thee! O Destroyer of all troubles of the devoted who take refuge in Thee, O Narayani, Salutations to Thee!

O Brahmani with Kamandalu, sitting on the swan! O Mahasvari with trident, moon and serpents, sitting on a bull! O Kaumari with Mahasakti, sitting on a peacock! O Vaishnavi with Sankha, Chakra, Gada, Sarnga, and various great Astras! Be pleased, O Narayani! Salutations to Thee!

O Inrani sitting on the elephant, with Vajra in the hand! O Narayani! Salutations to Thee! O Devi of the dreadful form of Narasimha and of Varaha with a ferocious tusk, O Narayani, Salutations to Thee! O Devi who took various forms like Kaali and Sivadooti, O Terrible-faced! O Narayani, salutations to Thee! O Lakshmi! O Kaali! O Sarasvati! Protect us, O Durga! O Naragani, salutations to Thee! May Thy Trisula, Chakra Ghanta, Conch, Sword, which destroyed Chanda, Munda, Sumbha, Nisumba and other Rakshasas, protect us, O Narayani, Salutations to Thee!

O Devi! Thou destroyest all the bad diseases completeb. Thou givest when pleased all that one desires. To them who take refuge in Thee, there is no want. They really get a suitable Refuge in Thee. O Devi, wherever there are evil qualities, wherever there are Rakshasas, wherever there are unrighteous forces, there Thou manifestest Thyself and destroyest them, O Devi! Be Pleased, Be pleased. Protect, O Protect us! May the sins of the world lessen quickly. O adorable Devi! Take pity on these (Devas) who are under Thy Great Feet