Shri Durga Ji Arati Hindi

जय अम्बे गौरी , मैया जय श्यामा गौरी I
तुमको निशदिन ध्यावत हरी ब्रह्मा शिवजी II

मांग सिन्दूर विराजत टीको मृगमद को I
उज्जवल से दोउ नैना चन्द्रवदन नीको II

कनक समान कलेवर रक्ताम्बर राजे I 
रक्तपुष्प गल माला कण्ठन पर साजे II

केहरि वाहन राजत खड्ग खप्पर धारी I
सुर नर मुनि जन सेवत तिनके दुःख हारी II

कानन कुण्डल शोभित नासाग्रे मोती I
कोटिक चन्द्र दिवाकर सम राजत ज्योति II

शुम्भ निशुम्भ बिदारे महिषासुर घाती I
धूम्र विलोचन नैना निशदिन मदमाती  II

Shri Durga ji Arati English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiO Mother Gauri, Bhavani, Durga ! Glory to you, glory to you !
Vishnu, Brahma, and Siva ever reverse you with devoted attention.

Your mid-hair streak is replete with vermillion and the mark of musk
looks enchanting upon your forehead. Your two eyes are very bright and
your face is beautiful like the moon. Glory...

Your body shines like gold and you are clad in bright red garments. A
garland of enchanting red flowers encircles your neck. Glory...

Your mount is a lion and you hold a skull in one hand and a dagger in the
other. Gods, humans, and sages are ever in your attendance, serving you, and having all their afflictions removed by you. Glory...

Your ears are decorated with earrings and your nose point is bedight with a priceless pearl. Your dazzling shrine appears as though millions of suns and moons are shining brilliantly. Glory...

You destroyed the dreadful demons like Shumbha and Nishumbha. Mahishasura wasalso killed by you. Your eyes have a smoky complexion and appear ever intoxicated. Glory...

Shri Durga ji Arati Transliteration

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiJaya ambe gauri
Maiya jaya ambe gauri
Tumako nisha dina dhyavata
Tumako nisha dina dhyavata
Hari brahma sivaji, ma jaya ambe gauri

Manga sindura virajata
Tiko mrgmada ko, maiya tiko mrgmada ko
Ujjavala se do-u naina
Ujjavala se do-u naina
Chandravadana niko, ma jaya ambe gauri

Kanaka samana kalevara raktambara raje,
Maiya raktambara raje
Raktapushpa ki mala
Raktapushpa ki mala
Kanthana para saje, ma jaya ambe gauri