Shri Ram Vandana English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiI bow down again and again to Sri Ram who is the remover of all calamities, giver of all wealth, and the most beautiful in all the worlds.

I mentally bow to Sri Ram, Ramabhadra, Ramachandra, Raghunath, Nath, and husband of Sita.

I bow with reverence to Ramchandra, the Lord of the Raghu dynasty, whose limbs are soft and dark like the blue cloud, on whose left is Sita and who holds excellent arrows and a beautiful bow in his hands.

I repeat the name of Ram, which is the ship that takes one across the ocean of wordly existence, the elder brother of Bharat, the luminary of the solar dynasty, master of all the animate and inanimate objects of creation, the ruler of the worlds and the physician of mundane afflictions.

I seek the shelter of Ramchandra, the Lord of the Raghus, lotus-eyed, the most beautiful in all the worlds, firm in battle, and compassion and mercy personified.