Shri Ramayanaji ki Arati English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiSing the arati of Shri Ramayan ji, the beautiful and artful song in praise of Sita's husband Sri Ram.

Brahma and other gods, the sage Narada, and Valmiki, master of spiritual knowledge, all sing it.

Suka, Sanat, and other sages, the serpent king Sesha, the goddess Saraswati,

Hanuman, the Son of the Wind, all sing its glory.

The Vedas, the eighteen Puranas and the six Shastras sing the praises of this essence of scriptures.

It is the treasure of all the sages and a saviour to those who read it. All are in accord with this essence of scriptures.

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati and the jar-born, wise and learned sage Agastya ever sing it.

Vyasa and the other great poets narrate all that lies in the hearts of Kakabhusundi and Garuda.

This arati is the destroyer of sins in the Kaliyug; it is devoid of sensuous flavor, and is the delightful ornamentation of the damsel Mukt i[liberation].

Like the life-giving elixir, it is the medicinal plant which cures wordly afflictions and is the very father and mother of Tulsidas.