Shri Sitaram ji ki Stuti English

Oh my mind, remember constantly the merciful Ramchandra, who dispels all worldly fears. His eyes are as beautiful as the half-opened new lotus. His mouth, his hands, and feet are also pink like the lotus flower.

His features are as beautiful as a multitude of Kamadevs [The god of love]. His complexion is as lovely as a light-blue cloud; his yellow clothes are as dazzling as lightning. I bow in reverence to the virtuous bridegroom of Janaka’s daughter [Sita].

O mind, always remember [Sri Ram], the friend of the poor, bright as the sun, the destroyer of demons, an offspring of the Raghu dynasty, the root of bliss, pleasing as the moon to the eyes of the people of Kaushal, and the loving son of King Dasharath.

He wears a crown on his head, beautiful earrings on his ears, a sandal mark on his forehead, and various ornaments adorn his well-built body. He has arms that reach his knees and holds a bow and arrow. He is the conqueror of the demons Khara and Dushana in battle.

Tulsidas says,"O giver of joy to Shankar [Shiva], Shesh [King of serpents], and the sages, the destroyer of all evils such as lust, desire, anger, and greed, please reside in my lotus-heart."

Glory to Janaka’s daughter [Sita]. You are revered all over the world and bestow happiness on all. You are to the eyes of Sri Ram as the moonlight is to the chakra [a bird that subsists on moon-beams alone]. You are very dear to your beloved Ram.

The minds of ascetics ever hover over your Lotus feet, which abound with pollen-like nectar. Having drunk the nectar, they do not count on any other deity, nor do they aspire for salvation.

Whenever unfeeling souls recognize you as the auspicious mine of bliss and surrender to you, they enjoy all sorts of happiness with your Lord and become humble servants of you both.

Brahma, Shiva, Sanata, and others admit that they long for a favorable look from you night and day.

Having been born in a human body, if anyone forsakes you and worships other deities, leaving their service to you, they are fools who having received the Kalpataru [the wish-fulfilling tree] desert it to tend barren land.

Oh daughter of King Janaka, abode of happiness, please fulfill the earnest desire of this servant of Sri Ram – grant me the boon of pure love for your lotus feet.

Oh Maharaj, regard me with mercy and grant me the boon that according to my karma, whatsoever form and in whatever country I take birth, may I have love for for the feet of Lord Ram,

"(That one) whom you have in mind, that naturally handsome bridegroom of the dark complexion will be yours. The gracious and omniscient Lord is aware of your fidelity and love."

Sita and all her companions were delighted at heart to hear this blessing from Gauri’s lips. Worshipping Goddess  Bhavani again and again, Sita, says Tulsidas, returned to her abode, rejoicing in her heart.

Finding Gauri favorably disposed towards her, Sita was more glad of heart than words can tell. Her left limbs began to throb indicating her good fortune.