Shri Durga Chalisa English

Neeb Karori Baba Maharajji

O Mother Durga! I repeatedly bow before you. You provide happiness to all beings. O Mother Goddess! You remove sorrow from every being’s life.

It is your light which manifests Supreme Being and lightens all the three worlds.

Your moon-like forehead and mouth are broad. Your eyes are red and your eyebrows are terrible.

O Mother! Your entire form is very beautiful. Beholding it, devotees derive supreme bliss.

It is the essence of your energy with which the whole world pulsates. You provide the means of sustenance to the whole world.


O Mother! You are Annapoorna and you rear this world up. You are also renowned as the primal, Beautiful hala [girl].

At the time of dissolution, you dismantle every part of creation. You are the beloved spouse of Lord Shankar.

Lord Shiva and other great yogis ever extol your virtues and other gods including Brahma and Vishnu ever meditate on your form.

O Mother! You also appear in the form of the Goddess Saraswati to impart knowledge to saints and sages in order to enlighten them.

You also appear in the form of Narasimha who manifested his form by breaking through a pillar.

[Thus by adopting the form of Narasimha) you protected Prahallad and having slain Hiranyakashyapu, you provided him a place in the heavens [because you caused his death].

You have incarnated on the earth in the form of Lakshmi and you remain one with the form of Lord Vishnu.

You remain frolicking in the ocean of milk with Sri Narayan. Oh Ocean of Kindness, only you can inspire us with hope.

O Devi Bhavani! You dwell in Hingalaj. Your glory is infinite and cannot be described.

O Mother! you are famous as Matangi and Dhoomavati! You are the Supreme Goddess of the world and the happiness-bestowing Bagla Mother is none other than you.

You are the goddess Bhairavi; Tare and Jagattarini are your different forms. You are mother Chinnabhal and you alone are capable of destroying all the afflictions of the world.

O Goddess Bhavani! When you move astride your lion vehicle, the brave langur [Hanumanji] always welcomes you, working as your outrider.

You wield a skull in one hand and a dagger in the other, looking at which even Time itself is frightened.

Many other weapons appear so ferocious in your hands that a mere look at them is enough to pulverize even the most deadly enemy.

O Mother Goddess! You also dwell in Nagarkot; your authority is accepted by all three realms.

O Mother! You destroyed the demons called Shumbja—Nishumbha, Raktabija and Shankha.

A demon called Mahishasur had become very arrogant and the whole Earth was distressed by the weight of his sins.

O Mother Goddess! You assumed the forms a terrible Kali to slay the demon lord Mahisha and his army.

O Mother! Whenever noble persons and saints fell on evil days, it was you who redeemed them by providing succor.

Whether in the gods’ realm, all dwellers remain griefless and happy only are your grace O Mother.

It is the flame of your grace which enlightens the shrine of Jwalaji; all men and women ever adore you Mother!

Those who saying the glory of mother with full devotion and allegiance remained beyond the evil effects of greed and poverty.

Those who meditate on your holy form with full devotion and concentration attain peace and happiness not only in this life, but they go beyond the bondage of life and death.

All yogis, gods, and seers aver in one voice that without your grace it is not possible to establish communion with the Lord Almighty.

Shankarachatya did penance by virtue of which he won over the evil emotions like anger and lust.

Although he meditated on Lord Shiva day and night, never did he once remember you.

He failed to appreciate the import Shakti’s manifestation, and only when he lost his strength did he realize his mistake and repent.

Taking refuge at her feet, he sang her praises: Glory, glory, glory to Bhavani, the Divine Mother of the Universe.

The primal goddess Jagadamba became happy with him and appearing before him, granted him all power once again.

O Mother, I am surrounded by difficulties. Who other than you can take away my sorrow?

Expectations and desires are extremely tormenting. The ignorance caused by foolish limitations is extremely fearsome.

O Great Queen, please destroy all enemies. May I remember you, Bhavani, Mother of Existence, with a resolute mind.

O kindhearted Mother! Please shed your grace upon me and make me happy by providing me all sorts of abilities and riches.

I seek you're blessing for the reward of your grace, and may I ever sing your glories as long as I live in this world.

Those who read this Durga Chalisa devotedly or sing it with full concentration attain the highest state after having enjoy all pleasures of life.

Says Devidas, ”Deeming me to have sought shelter under your grace O Mother of the World, O Bhavani, please shed your grace upon me and be propitiated by my prayer."

Shri Durga Chalisa English - Older Translation (1996)

I bow, I bow, to the Reliever of Difficulties, Cause of Happiness.
I bow, I bow, to the Mother who takes away all pain [1]

Your light illuminates all darkness,
your brightness extends over the three worlds [2]

With the moon on your forehead your face is tremendous.
When you frown with red eyes it is terribly frightening. [3]

In the form of Mother it is extremely pleasing,
and those who see you in this way receive the greatest pleasure. [4]

You move all the energy amongst all objects and relationships.
You protect all, and are the Giver of grains and wealth. [5]

As the Goddess who is full of grains and food you protect the world.
You the are foremost and most beautiful being. [6]

At the time of total dissolution you destroy all. You are the Goddess
who is Rays of Light, beloved of Siva, Sankar, the Cause of peace. [7]

Siva and all yogis sing of your qualities.
Brahma and Visnu always meditate on you. [8]

You wear the form of Sarasvati, Goddess of Knowledge.
You give excellent knowledge which liberates the rishis and munis. [9]

You gave the form for Narasingha to wear, Mother,
which manifested with the crumbling of the pillar [10]

Oh Protector, you saved Prahalad,
and sent Hiranyakiasipu to heaven.[11]

You wear the form of Laksmi, Oh Mother of the Universe,
which is regarded the same as the body of the Respected Narayana. [12]

You are delighted in the ocean of milk.
Oh Ocean of Compassion, please grant the mind's wish. [13]

In the Hingulaj you are Bhavani, the Mother of Existence.
No one who is born can describe your greatness.[14]

You are Matangi and Mother Dhumavati.
As Bhuvanesvari and Bamgala you can grant comfort and happiness. [15]

As the respected fearful Bhairavi you deliver all the worlds.
As Chinnamasta you prohibit pain in all the worlds.[l6]

The excellent among the monkeys went to welcome you,
Oh Bhavani, you who ride upon the lion.[l7]

In your hands are the sword and a beggar's bowl.
The Seer experiences the fear of Time, the Great Destroyer. [18]

Then in Mother's hand is seen the trident by which
She abolishes the enemy' s spear. [19]

In Nagarkot you are known as Viraja,
and the people of the three worlds beat on drums to celebrate you. [20]

You slayed the demons Self-Conceit and Self-Deprecation.
You dissolved the innumerable Seeds of Desire. [21]

The King Great Ego was extremely proud.
The burden of his guilt for sins brought down low. [22]

As Kali you wear an immense form.
You destroyed the entire army in battle. [23]

Whenever your children are burdened with perplexity,
then and there you manifest, Oh Mother, to render assistance. [24]

Again and again you lead people to dwell in immortality.
Then all elucidate your greatness with great joy and tranquility [25]

In all the inhabitants your light is burning.
Men and women always perform your worship. [26]

Whoever will sing this praise with love and devotion,
pain and discomfort will not come close to them. [27]

Whoever will meditate on you with full concentration,
will escape from the cycle of birth and death. [28]

The yogis, Gods, and munis all call out,
"Without your energy union is impossible!" [29]

Siva Sankar performed a most wondrous tapasya
by which He defeated Anger and Passion. [30]

Even though one meditates upon Siva every day,
he can never reach to the heights of your attainment. [31 ]

The form of energy is never destroyed.
Who sings in praise of Energy, his mind will endure. [32]

Who takes refuge in you, fame will increase. Victory, victory, victory
to the Divine Mother of the Universe, Mother of Existence! [33]

Please be pleased, Oh Mother of the Universe.
give me energy without further delay. [34]

Oh Mother, I am surrounded by difficulties.
Other than you, who can take away my pain? [35]

Wishes and desires are extremely tormenting.
The ignorance caused by foolish limitations is extremely fearful. [36]

Oh Great Queen, please destroy all enemies. Let me recollect
One Consciousness, and let that be You, Oh Mother of Existence. [37]

Give me your Grace, Oh Compassionate Mother.
Give increase to perfection causing Supreme Happiness. [38]

When the fruit of Compassion touch my heart,
I only want to always sing you praises. [39]

Whoever sings this Durga Calisa, Praise of the Divine Mother,
will enjoy the highest happiness and attain the most e
xalted respect. [40]

Where will I find my own refuge? Please give me your Grace,
Oh Mother of the Universe, Mother of Existence. [41]