Sri Siddhi Ma with Jivanti Ma

Sri Siddhi Ma and Jivanti Ma (left to right in the photo above) were some of closest devotees to Maharajji. This page contains a selection of quotes about both Ma's from a number of books, followed by a photo gallery with 78 photos. Introductory quote about Sri Siddhi Ma by Ram Dass (left to right in the photo below).

❤️ "Since the time that Maharajji left His body, He started manifesting more and more thought Siddhi Ma's transmission. She conveyed the love that Maharajji is; she was an extension of that unconditional love. We in the satsang will throw off our attachments and meet Her in Her true self, the Soul. For those that felt protected by Her, that protection will continue. We all remain under Her umbrella of Grace. It was clear to me that when Maharajji left His body He was ever present. And in this same way, I feel joyful for this transition of Siddhi Ma. Although, Her name means Mother of Spiritual Power, for all of us, Her spiritual family, She is simply Ma."

~Ram Dass, December 28, 2017

❤️ "One day in 1971 or 1972, Maharajji was presented with a diary. From that day on, he would fill two pages with handwritten “Ram” each day. He asked that the diary be kept in his room. From then on he was left alone for an hour each morning while he wrote in his diary. When he traveled the diary went with him. By September 9, his last day in Kainchi, he completed the entry, then proceeded to date the next page September 10 and wrote “Ram” on it. Finally he wrote September 11 on a clean page and did not write any “Ram” there. He then gave the book to Siddhi Ma and said to her, “Now this is your book. You write in it.”"
(Miracle of Love, p384)

Jivanti Ma and Sri Siddhi Ma standing in the center, surrounded by other devotees.

❤️ "Siddhi Ma said she once saw Maharajji’s body with Ram written on every cell."
(Miracle of Love, p370)

❤️ "Whenever Maharajji left Allahabad to go to Vrindaban, there was always such a procession—sometimes as many as eighteen rickshaws full of people going to the train station! One time we were all lined up and the procession began. I directed the drivers to go the shortest route, but Maharajji intervened and insisted they go the long route. Many devotees were gathered along that route, all of them hoping for one glimpse of darshan as he was leaving. These last darshans delayed Maharajji, and Siddhi Ma and the Mothers with whom he was to travel were all on the train. It was my pleasure in those days to attend to such matters as reservations, so I was busy seating the Ma’s and seeing to their needs. Maharajji was still outside of the station with the devotees when the engineer and the conductor signaled for the train to start. I thought, “Oh, my God. What will happen? I myself will stay on the train with the Mothers. I can’t let them go on alone.” But for a full four minutes the engineer struggled with the train but couldn’t make it budge. Strolling slowly with his devotees, Maharajji came onto the platform. As he boarded the train, he shouted at me in English, “Get out!” As soon as Maharajji took his seat the train began to pull away."
(Miracle of Love, p122)

Maharajji in a "pretzel" position.

❤️ "Siddhi Ma was holding a picture of Maharajji in which he is lying on his side, a classic pretzel, with one hand on top of his head. She said that this mudra of hand on top of head means: “Don’t worry about anything. I’ve got everything under control.”"
(Miracle of Love, p175)

❤️ "One day Siddhi Ma called me over. I told her that I felt like I’d never gotten over not coming back to see Maharajji before he left his body. She talked to me for a while and then sent me away. I thought that I’d offended her somehow by my lack of faith. And then I had a powerful dream that night: I was waiting to go into a dentist’s office when my teeth suddenly began to fall out, and I was choking on them. Just at that moment, the doors to the office burst open and Siddhi Ma came in wearing a dentist’s uniform. She started pulling the teeth out of my mouth and saved me from choking to death. I woke up in a sweat. When I told Tewari the dream, he said, “Great! She’s removing the obstacles in your way.”"
(Chants of a Lifetime, p204)

❤️ "About thirty years ago I was in Vrindavan with Siddhi Ma [one of Maharajji’s very close devotees to whom he left the running of his ashrams after he died], and she was showing me Maharajji’s books where he wrote his RamRams each day. She got to this one page where, instead of the RamRams being written vertically, they were written horizontally. I said, “What happened then?” Ma said, “Oh, that’s the day you came, Jai Gopal.” I started crying. It was like seven centuries of tears poured out of me. Just the fact that she would know the day I got there, that I was even noticed, made me fall apart.”"
(Love Everyone, p115)

Sri Siddhi Ma sitting at the beach.

❤️ "The large Kainchi temple is built at a spot where Sombari Maharaj, a great saint of that area, had lived in a cave. The cave still remains at the back of the temple and there is a strong feeling o f continuity of spirit there. Once Maharajji, Siddhi Ma, and Jivanti Ma went at night to the site that was later to become the temple at Kainchi. While the Ma's sat by the roadside, Maharajji crossed over the river and didn't come back for four or five hours. When he did, he said, “I hear the sound here. We shall have a temple."
(Miracle of Love, p359)

❤️ "Oh, Maharajji told us all that he was going to leave this world. One time he said to us that when he leaves, he will leave us all laughing! Then he said that when he leaves Siddhi Ma, he will leave her weeping. As he said this, Siddhi Ma began weeping so much. But Maharajji said she shouldn't worry— he wouldn't let anyone harm her, that she would become radiant with his love."
(Miracle of Love, p382)

❤️ "Siddhi Ma is an amazing woman who holds Maharaj-ji’s ashrams together. She’s had a great affinity for saints since childhood. After she was widowed and her children grown, she’s lived continuously at Maharaj-ji’s ashrams. She said about anger, “Once the fire starts, it will burn itself out.” If you don’t catch it at the impulse stage, it will only dissipate after causing distress for you or others."
(Be Love Now, p13)

Jivanti Ma and Sri Siddhi Ma from right to left in the first row.

❤️ "Dharam Narayan sometimes traveled with Maharajji and visited him at the Vrindavan and Kainchi ashrams and at his Kumbha Mela camps in Allahabad or Haridwar. He would go basically to get spending money. Maharajji gave him money, and he never bothered about anything else. If a spiritual thought crossed his mind or he heard of some miracle from devotees, Maharajji would tell him that he was fooling everyone and Dharam Narayan didn't inquire further. Siddhi Ma was very much aware of the family and would look after the family members whenever they visited him."
(Be Love Now, p204)

❤️ "When Maharajji first came to Nainital, he would walk over the roofs and up and down the little ladders into the homes that are stacted on top of one another in the Nainital bazaar, the center of town. K.K. took me up to the top floor of his home and showed me how Maharajji had climbed across the roofs to where a young Siddhi Ma was making "burries" (lentil paste dried on the rooftops for later use in the winter), how she had pranamed (humbly greeted him) and the loving quality of his smile. Maharajji went to the house of an old devotee, Sri Ram Sah. Siddhi Ma came and sang a bhajan so sweet that Maharajji was in tears, and she was lost in the singing. It went, "Sumiran karley mere mana..." ("O my mind, remember..."). For a while after that Maharajji would affectionately call Siddhi Ma "mere mana," or "my mind," recalling the bhajan."
(Be Love Now, p207)

Jivanti Ma and Sri Siddhi Ma with another Ma in between sitting by Maharajji's tucket.

❤️ "Late one evening Sri Ma and Sri Jivanti Ma and some other women devotees arrived in Kainchi for Baba's darshan. Baba was not there; he had gone to Bhumiadhar. There were no buses at that time to return to Nainital or to travel to Bhumiadhar. However, Sri Ma and Sri Jivanti Ma decided to go and see Baba.
They did not take prasad at Kainchi ashram because both Mothers ate only after having Maharaj ji's darshan. They decided to walk the twelve kilometers to Bhumiadhar in the darkness of night on that lonely deserted road. As they started on their way, a black dog appeared out of the darkness and accompanied them as if he was there for their protection. When they arrived at Bhumiadhar at midnight, Sri Ma thought of giving the dog some food. Almost in an instant the dog disappeared and could not be found anywhere.
Before Sri Ma and Sri Jivanti Ma arrived, Maharaj ji had asked Brahmachari ji to prepare food for them. Brahmachari ji waited outside the temple to greet them, and as soon as they arrived, they had Maharaj ji's darshan. He praised them for their devout fervor and said, "When you have started on the path to God, proceed, do not stop. He will take care of you." He then asked them to go and have prasad."
(Divine Reality, On the Path to God, p23)

❤️ "One night when all the inmates of the ashram were asleep, Baba called out to Sri Jivanti Ma, "Jivanti, Jivanti, make some moong dal [lentil soup] for me, I am hungry." Both Sri Ma and Sri Jivanti Ma got up and reminded him that he had already taken prasad and that it was past midnight. Baba made a show of being angry and said, "If you don't want to cook the food for me, I will wake Brahmachari Baba to do it." Jivanti Mata ji cooked moong dal and roti for him, which he ate. The two Mothers also ate again, and then they all went back to sleep. The next day Baba received the news that a certain devotee died at 2 a.m. the previous night. Baba said, "On his deathbed his mind was thinking of moong dal and roti instead of being focused on God. My devotee would have gone thinking of food. I had to eat for him to relieve him of that desire so that he would be freed from rebirth.""
(Divine Reality, Feeding the Children, p22)

Jivanti Ma and Sri Siddhi Ma sitting in a food offering service.

❤️ "In 1983 arrangements for the 15 June consecration day ceremony were being made in Kainchi. There was a lot of activity in the ashram, and devotees from all over India as well as from other countries poured in to attend. A worker came three days before the function and asked the manager if he could work for the basic salary. Since a lot of help was required, the manager took him in at once and gave him the duty of cleaning the kitchen utensils. He worked hard day and night and impressed all who saw him. He greeted everyone with affection and respect and worked without rest. He did the job that had previously been done by three people.
The ceremony was celebrated in a grand manner on 15 June, and about 20,000 people ate prasad. After the bhandhara was over, the devotees started leaving the ashram. Four days later most of them had gone. One day the worker left before sunrise, leaving the bedding and other things given to him for his use in good order. He did not even ask for his wages. Sri Ma said that Maharaj often playfully asked her, "Will you recognize me if I come as a blind man? Will you know me if I wash utensils?""
(Divine Reality, As a Kitchen Worker, p341)

❤️ "'Sri Ma is coming. Extend all hospitality. Don't let us down."
(Divine Reality, Sri Ma's Visit to Akbarpur, p367)

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