NeemKaroli Baba - Maharaj Ji

Vinaya Chalisa

Vinaya Chalisa Transliteration

Mai hu budd-hi ma-li-na at-I, sradd-ha bhak-ti vi-hi-na
Ka-ru vi-na-ya ka-chu a-pa-ki, hau-sa-be hi vi-dhi di-na
Jai jai Neem Karoli Baba kri-pa ka-ra-hu av-ai sad bha-va
Kai-se mai ta-va stu-ti bak-ha-nu, na-ma ga-ma ka-chu ma-i na-hi ja-nu
Ja-pai krpa-drsti tu-ma ka-ra-hu, ro-ga so-ka duh-kha da-ri-da ha-ra-hu
Tum-ha-rau ru-pa lo-ga na-hi ja-nai, ja-pai krpa ka-ra-hu so-i bha-nai


Vinaya Chalisa English

Since I am devoid of faith and devotion and I am the one with the most impure mind, I am pitiable in all respects so I offer this prayer to you.
Jai jai Neem Karoli Baba, please give me your grace and true feelings.
How can I begin to sing your praises, when I don't even know the name of the place you are from?
All you need do is give the glance of grace, and disease, grief, sorrows, and poverty are snatched away.
People cannot fathom you, only those who receive your grace can sense who you are.
Offering you all, body, mind , and soul, one achieves that rare celestial happiness.
Seeing and touching you, Oh Lord, one has their home filled with happiness and wealth.