On Meditation

Baba often talked about the importance of meditation, but strangely enough, he would disturb some people when they tried to meditate in front of him.

On several occasions, while Baba was busy talking to people, I took his feet in my hands and tried to meditate.

Sometimes, he moved his feet away, sometimes he started moving his toe in my palm, and at times, knowing I was unable to reply, he would ask me questions on the topic being discussed.

Baba understood all states of meditation and was aware of every individual's limited capacity for concentration.


M.D. Not D.M.

Dr Anup Kumar Saxena of Bareilly, the son of Kailash Chandra Saxena of Kiccha farm, was a student of standard VII when Maharajji visited his family's house and asked him, "What do you want to be ?"

He replied, "D.M.(district magistrate)," for his grandfather was an ICS(Indian Civil Service) officer.

Baba said, "You might become D.M. of Bombay or Calcutta but what is the use of it ? You will get a telegram from home and will not be able to reach there by the time of your parents' death. You will become a doctor. You are born to be a doctor. You will serve your parents at home and the people in general outside. You will be educated at Meerut."


A Future in the Hills

Dr A.J.Ventroy, a famous physician from France, was interested in the spiritual life and came to India via Sri Lanka in 1950.

He was initiated by a guru at Varanasi and renouncing the world, he became known by the name Vijayananda.

In his book, In the Steps of the Yogis, he wrote about his own experiences of Maharajji and narrated this lila :

"While I was watering plants one day, I saw Baba coming into the ashram with someone. He was telling him about me, saying that I was English. By "English" he meant a "foreigner", the word used for foreigners in common parlance in the Hindi language. I had heard of Baba as his name was often mentioned in the ashram, but I had never had his darshan. Hence I could not recognize him."


It Is All a Show

Kishan Lal Sah, a teacher from Ramgarh, Nainital often visited   Kainchi to have Baba's darshan. His devotion was such that Baba was both his guru and God.

Inspite of his deep faith, Kishan Lal was feeling depressed. He was disturbed by the evil seen in the world and by his own lack of spiritual progress. One day he went to Kainchi with the thought of discussing the matter with Baba.

When he arrived, Kishan Lal saw Baba sitting on one end of the wooden bridge over the river. He went to him and bowed reverently.

Before he could ask anything, Baba said, "You see others trapped by maya(illusion). Narada and Bharata were entrapped by maya. These great sages were entrapped by it, so what is there to say about others?"


Giving a Test

One day Baba was sitting in a closed room at Radhay Shyam's house with some members of the family when someone knocked at the door.

Radhay Shyam did not like any disturbances during Baba's darshan.

He was also aware of Baba's supernatural powers, so before opening the door, he asked, "Baba, who is it?"

Smilingly Baba asked, "Are you testing me?" and went on to say, "He is the brother of badshah, the advocate. He works at Solan. His wife has TB, and sitting by her bedside, he weeps."