A Twofold Blessing

In 1946 Devkamta Dixit ji had Maharaj ji's darshan with his uncle, Durga Shankar Dixit ji, in Nainital.

Baba told Devkamta Dixit ji, "Stay with your uncle, do not leave him to get yourself treated by a vaidya(ayurvedic physician) or a doctor. Have a long walk everyday and eat a lot of fruit."

Dixit ji was surprised when Baba mentioned his illness. He did not place any importance on Baba's instructions, but he did as Baba told him.

In fact, doctors had thought that he was suffering from a serious illness, but after further tests they found that it was no longer the case.

A Desire Fulfilled

When I first came to Kainchi, I did not know the ashram way of life, nor was I acquainted with the people there. One day I saw a relative of mine taking a piece of roti(bread) from Maharaj's room. I got curious about it, and he told me that it was called mahaprasad(specially consecrated prasad).

I understood that it was the leftover food from Baba's meal, but my desire was not limited to a piece of bread. I thought that I would be very lucky if I got the entire leftovers of his meal without asking for them.

The very next morning, after Baba finished his meal, he asked Shakuntala to give me all the leftovers. I did not know Shakuntala then, but she came to my room bringing Baba's thali(plate).

Not By This Bus

After staying at Kainchi ashram  for some time, Shankar Prasad Vyas got ready to return to his home in Varanasi.

He decided to got o Kathgodam by bus and went to Baba for his blessings.

Maharaj said, "You won't go by this  bus," and sent him by another bus the same day.

Vyas ji narrated later that he saw the bus that he had originally wanted to travel in along the roadside, where it was lying damaged after having met with an accident.

He then understood the significance of Maharaj ji's words.

Bhushan's Promotion

Bhushan Chandra Joshi was promoted to deputy inspector general of prisons in Uttar Pradesh. He was not at all happy with his promotion. He did not know whether to accept the appointment or not because he had a weak heart and was afraid that too much travelling would be involved.

He was confused and could not decide what to do. He went to Kainchi to seek Baba's advice on the matter.

When he was at the gate of the ashram, Baba was sitting in his room. Baba said to the devotees present, "Joshi is coming. He thinks he would die of touring duty."

They did not understand what he meant. After a shortwhile Joshi ji came into the room, and Baba said to him, "Are you afraid? Will you die of a touring duty? Accept the promotion. You still have to become inspector general."

No Discrimination

In an issue of Kadambini, a Hindi magazine, Dr R.K. Karoli described his own experience with Baba.

He wrote that before going to the hospital one day, he went to the house where Baba was staying. On his way he had thought of taking some bananas for Baba but could not buy any.

When he arrived, he had to wait for his turn amongst the other visitors. Meanwhile an industrialist drove up, got out of the car, and walked straight into the room to meet Baba.

Feeling that the rich and famous were receiving easy access to the saint, Dr. Karoli was very perturbed. He decided to go back to the hospital to make good use of his time.

He was about to leave when a man came up to him and asked if he was Dr. Karoli.

When he said yes, the man said that Baba was calling for him.