Baba's Blessings

The government of Uttar Pradesh under Chandra Bhan Gupta wanted to take over the Barabanki Sugar Mills because of mismanagement. However, the cane growers got their way , and the government gave up its intent. The government appointed Devkamta Dixit ji, one of the mill's directors, as the mill's receiver. Dixit ji had to collect a large sum of money to run the mill.

The Central Bank of Barabanki turned down his application for a loan but advised him to approach the chairman of the bank in Bombay. Dixit ji came to know that the chairman was going abroad in two days time but decided to hurry to Delhi and then take a flight to Bombay to meet him. On his way he thought of receiving Baba's blessings in Vrindavan for success in his efforts.


A Rupee From a Poor Man

One day Baba arrived with some devotees at the house of Prem Lal, the manager of Titagarh Paper Mills in Lucknow.

Prem Lal had engaged a new servant to clean in the kitchen who was keen to have Baba's darshan.

After finishing his work, he sat on the doorstep of the room in which Baba was sitting.

His upper body was bare, and he sat with his head bowed in reverence. Baba asked him, "Whenever you visited your guru, you gave him one rupee?"

The servant confirmed this by nodding his head. Baba then said, "You have brought a rupee tucked in your waistband for me?"

He nodded again.

Baba then said, "Come, why don't you give it?"

The servant took out the rupee and gave it to him.

Maharaj, who would refuse the offerings of lakhs(hundreds of thousands) of rupees accepted a rupee from a poor man with great affection that day.


What Name ?

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiA truck driver around the age of twenty-eight from Pithoragarh came to  see Baba at Kainchi for the first time in 1966.

He offered pranaam(a respectful greeting made by joining the palms or   bowing at the feet) and Baba asked him, "What name?"

He immediately replied, "Lalit Mohan."

Baba said, "That's a lie, Laxman Singh."

The man was surprised to hear his real name from Baba, and by way of  explanation he said, "Baba, you are right. My name is Laxman Singh, and  the members of my family call me by this name. In my childhood, when I  was first registered in school, my family wanted a better name to be  written in the school register, and they chose lalit Mohan."


Unexpected Darshan

Mahavir Singh loved the company of ascetics and saints, and he regularly attended to their needs.

One day in the early 1940s, while he was on his rounds at the Agra Cantt. railway station, he came across a bulky man of about 45 years of age. The man was wearing half of his dhoti around his waist and the remaining half covering the upper part of his body.The man spoke to Mahavir amiably, saying, "Mahavir Singh, how are you keeping now?"

Mahavir replied, I am much better." The man then asked, "How is your liver pain?" Mahavir replied, "It is a little less." The man said,"It will be alright."


A Lie

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOne day Karanvir Singh returned home late from school.

Baba was at his house and asked him, "Why did you take so long? I have been waiting for you a long time."

Karanvir Singh replied, "I have come straight from college."

Baba at once said, "It's a lie. You are deceiving Baba. You were free at one o'clock and it is four o'clock now. Why don't you say that you were roaming around with your friends?"

Baba then gave the names of the friends that he had been with.