A Desire For Halwa

On his way to Kainchi, Iftiqar Hussein bought some mangoes to offer to Baba. One of the mangoes was a peculiar shape, and he had a fancy for it. It came to his mind that Baba could be regarded as an enlightened saint  if he gave that particular mango back to him as prasad.

He was also aware that Baba gave puris(deep-fried bread) and vegetables to every visitor, which prompted another idea to flash in his mind. His presumptions about Baba being an enlightened saint would be confirmed if Baba gave him warm halwa(Indian pudding) to eat.

Before Hussein arrived at the ashram, Baba gave instructions for the preparation of halwa. When Iftiqar Hussein arrived, Baba was in his room. After some time the door was opened and everybody went inside.

You Will Be I.G.

Once, when the appointment for the post of I.G.(Inspector General) of police was under consideration by the government of Uttar Pradesh, Hari Shankar Mathur, a devotee of Maharaj, was the D.I.G.(Deputy Inspector General).

There were six or seven other D.I.G.s who were senior to him.

One day Maharaj asked Mathur, "Why haven't you taken charge of the I.G.?"

Mathur replied that he was quite junior.

Maharaj said, "No, you will be I.G. Go and take charge."

One Ailment, Different Treatment

One day Baba was sitting on a parapet by the roadside when a sadhu named Balak came and offered pranaam to him.

Baba said to Balak, "What's the trouble?"

Balak told him that he had been suffering from stomach pain since the previous evening.

Baba gave him some of the remaining water from the lota(metal pot) that he used when washing.

Balak drank this, and then Baba made him run around. In a little while the pain subsided.

The same day Pandit Mama also had pain in his stomach.

Baba immediately got him admitted To Ramsay Hospital in Nainital and sent his devotees to enquire about his health throughout the day.

A devotee asked Baba the reason for according different treatment to Pandit Mama.

In reference to Balak, Baba said, "God takes care of the person who has no one to look after him. Pandit is a well-to-do man.  He wants good treatment and also expects others to express their sympathy for him."

Interrupted Samadhi

There was no permanent bridge over the river when I went to see Baba. Instead, there was a narrow wooden bridge, and Baba was sitting at one end of it.

It was raining heavily, yet devotees were going there to touch his feet. I remained standing in the temple and did not dare to got to him.

I prayed to the Almighty saying, "O God, bestow upon me such devotion that I might bring Baba from the bridge into the ashram."

When everyone had come back after having his darshan, I also went to him. As soon as I got there, Baba got up and said, "Who are you? You made me get up from my samadhi(a high state of blissful consciousness)."

An Unexpressed Desire Fulfilled

Shrimati Durga Sah had heard of Baba, as every household in Nainital knew of him by that time, but she had not found time from her housework to visit him at Hanumangarh.

One when Guru Purnima(full moon day dedicated to the worship of the guru) was being celebrated in Kainchi, she went there in the company of some other women.

When they arrived, puja to Maharaj was being performed.

After her first glimpse of Baba, Durga Mai received so much grace that a wave of bliss passed through her body.

She remained sitting with her eyes close and felt that she was having the darshan of Hanuman through Baba.

A few months later many of Maharaj's devotees from Nainital were going to Vrindavan to see him.