His Body Is Worn Out

Dhaundiyal once asked Baba about the health of three people.

His first question was about his law teacher, who had suffered a second heart attack.

The second question was about his mother, and the third concerned his brother-in-law, who had been ill for sometime.

Baba told Dhaundiyal not to worry about the first two people.

He asked him to tell his teacher to move about and to go out of Bareilly to work.

Regarding his brother-in-law Baba said, "His body is worn out."


The Court's Decision

Many cases of a political nature were pending in the courts against me and my five friends between 1958 and 1968.

Maharaj told me that they would finally be settled in our favor, so I was never worried about them. At first we were acquitted by the court, but the government appealed to the High Court against the decision. The cases were remanded for a review.

After reviewing the cases, the Sessions Court sentenced each of us to two years imprisonment. We appealed against the sentences.

Meanwhile some of my relatives went to Kainchi to see Baba and asked him about me. Baba told them that the matter would be set right when a particular judge, who he mentioned by name, decided the case.


Repayment of a Loan

In 1973 Ravi Kumar, an army contractor in Allahabad, came to Kainchi for Baba's darshan.

He wanted to offer some items that could be used in the ashram, but he did not have enough money.

He contracted Nandlal ji, a ghee merchant in Haldwani, and told him of his problem. He asked Nandlal ji to help him and promised to repay all the costs incurred on his return to Allahabad.

Nandlal ji did not know him nor did he ask him his address, but he assured the contractor that he would soon buy everything requested and send it all to Kainchi ashram. He spent a lot of money buying the things required.


All Will Be Set Right

The D.I.G.(deputy inspector general) of police came to Aligarh for an inspection. He was unhappy with the local police because a gang of wire thieves had not been caught. He told them to make an arrest soon.

Baba arrived in Aligarh the same day. The D.I.G., who was a devotee of Baba's, sent Durga Prasad Tewari ina jeep to get Baba. While escorting him, Tewari was thinking of how to arrest the wire thieves, for it was weighing heavily on his mind.

Baba unexpectedly spoke out, "The order to make an arrest has caused you anxiety." Tewari did not understand what Baba was talking about. When Baba repeated his words, he understood that it concerned him.

He replied, "Maharaj, being in service, I have got to worry about my job."


A Son's Transformation

One day Thakur mahavir Singh of Agra told Maharaj, "You love Karanvir so much, yet he calls you a mad baba."

It made Baba laugh heartily, and he said, "This is the reason that I like him most. People come to me with some motive. He only comes to me with love."

Thereupon Thakur said, "Why don't you reform Karanvir when you like him so much? See, his elder brother neither chews betel nor smokes. He always occupies himself by doing well for others. But Karanvir is fond of all sorts of nonsense and his health is always impaired. Why don't you make him realise it?"

Baba unexpectedly became serious and said, "Mahavir, you should not count on your elder son. Karanvir will improve with time and fulfil all your expectations."