Speculation in Gold

One day a rich man who speculated in gold on the stock market was present in Baba's durbar.

Baba introduced gold as a topic of conversation and said, "The price of gold will go down in future."

The rich man said, " No Baba, there is no such possibility."

Baba gave certain reasons and said, "Its price will certainly go down."

The man got the point and sold all his gold at a marginal profit. Later the price did go down and the man escaped a great loss.

When he came to meet Baba the next time, he offered him two thousand rupees as a way of showing his gratitude.

Despite all his entreaties, Baba did not accept the money.

The Last Exam

Mahendra Singh of Bareilly came to Kainchi with his father in 1965. As their bus was driving through the hilly region on the way to the ashram, Mahendra told his father that the journey would have been more enjoyable on a motorbike. No more was said.

His father was taking him to see Baba to have his blessings for a successful result in his exams. The boy had failed for the last two years.

Just after having Baba's darshan, the boy's father brought up the topic of the exams. Baba immediately said, "He won't study. He will drive a motorbike."

Hearing this Mahendra Singh was astonished as he remembered what he had said to his father on the way to Kainchi.

When his father entreated favor, Baba said, "I won't tell a lie. Let me ask Hanuman ji."

Immediately after that Baba said, "He will get through the examination this time. But for the future I say nothing."

It Will Not Be Done

Mahinder Singh, an acquaintance of Deshraj, appeared for a job interview at Pantnagar University.

In spite of being quite confident that he would get the job, he did not receive the letter of appointment after waiting for some time.

Deshraj sent Mahinder Singh to Kainchi for Baba's darshan.

As soon as Maharaj saw him, he said, "He has come for a job. Thakur (a name for God) has spoiled your case. The work will not be done now."

Baba's words proved true. Mahinder Singh did not get the job.

The Destined Proposal

Deshraj Pabbi of Rudrapur received two marriage proposals for his daughter - one from a family in Delhi and the other from a family in Bareilly. His preference was for the one from Bareilly, but his wife preferred the one from Delhi.

Because of this difference of opinion, they could not accept either proposal.

Deshraj was worried because they wasted a lot of time in indecision. At last both of them agreed to accept whichever proposal Baba chose for their daughter.

When Deshraj came to Kainchi to settle the matter, Baba said, "It has to take place somewhere else," and then got up and left.

Deshraj did not understand what Baba meant. He went to Delhi to accept that proposal, but because of the delay, it was too late. Then he went to Bareilly where he was also disappointed, for the boy had got engaged to another girl.

Proposal Accepted by the Government

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiI first had Maharaj's darshan in 1946 at the home of Bhagwan Sahai,I.C.S.(Indian Civil Service)  officer in Lucknow.

As soon as I touched Baba's feet, he said to me, "Where were you? What did you talk about with Lal Bahadur and Pant? They did not accept your proposal? They will agree with you the day after tomorrow."

I was surprised that Baba knew about the secret matters of the government, but I purposely avoided further conversation about the matter.

Two days later I had another meeting with Govind Ballabh Pant and Lal Bahadur Shastri, and they accepted my proposal completely.