Sri Siddhi Ma Sings a Beautiful Bhajan to Baba

When I was eight years old, I went to a neighbour's house where Baba was staying and asked him to come to my house.

He agreed, and holding the corner of his blanket, brought him home. Sri Ma and some other devotees came with him.

When prasad was offered to Baba, he said to Sri Ma, "Ma, sing a bhajan."

In her sweet voice, Sri Ma started singing :

A Solution to Raja Bhadri’s Problem

a  blanket is a blanketDuring the beginning of Raja Bhadri's term of office as the lieutenant governor of Himachal Pradesh, the Central Government wanted his response to a certain problem. He did not want to give it, for it would have hurt the feelings of his friend Jawahar Lal Nehru. He could not put off replying because he had already received several letters from the Central Government on the matter.

One day Raja Bhadri called his officials and advisors to Government House with the purpose of drafting a reply, but he could not go ahead with the meeting since he himself was not sure what to do. It was nine o'clock in the evening, food was laid out on a side table, the officials were waiting for him in an outer room, and he had not yet briefed them on the purpose of the meeting. He was sitting alone, deep in thought, when suddenly he remembered Maharaj.

Baba's Umbrella of Protection

In 1967, R.P. Vaish, a devotee of Baba's, came to Kainchi to see Baba.  He was being transferred to Delhi, and he told Baba that he wanted to tour kashmir before taking up that post.  When Vaish was leaving, Baba gave him an umbrella and said, " Keep it with you. It rains heavily there."

Vaish hesitated to accept the umbrella and said," I have an umbrella at home. This one will serve many people here at the ashram."

Baba did not listen to him and again asked him to keep it with him. During his stay in kashmir, Vaish went about holding the umbrella. On his return to Delhi, he again went to Kainchi for Baba's darshan and to return the umbrella.

Changing Peoples' Hearts

One night Shrimati Kamla Pande had a dream in which she saw Maharajji sitting on a takhat in the front room of a house on the roadside. He was looking outside through the door, and some young men were passing by singing obscene film songs. Kamla ji, Sri Ma, and Sri Jiwanti Ma were also in the room and appeared disturbed by the young men's indecent behaviour before Maharajji.

Next she saw that Baba called those young men and asked them to sing a song. They came and sang many devotional songs of Kabir, Mira and other saints. Baba said to them, "I called you to sing the same songs you were singing in the street." They appeared ashamed and joining their hands in respect said, " Baba, we have forgotten those songs and we know only these devotional songs."

A Suitable Height

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiWe received many proposals of marriage for my elder son and wanted to make the decision with Baba's consent and blessing. One of the things my wife hoped for was a tall girl to suit our tall son. While I was in Kainchi for the 15th June consecration ceremony in 1973, I made every effort to talk to Baba alone. One day during evening darshan Baba spoke to me about this in front of many people. He said, "Now you should get your son married."

I asked him, "Where?" He asked, "Where have you got proposals from?" I told him about all the proposals but he did not approve of any of them. In the end he asked me to arrange a marriage with the daughter of Amba Datt Tewari of Allahabad, who had never met Baba. I had received a proposal from him just the previous day in Kainchi, which I had forgotten about. Then I realised why Baba had not given me the opportunity to talk to him about it for so many days; he wanted me to receive Tewari's proposal first. Anyway, an educated girl from a cultured family was selected by Baba. He gave his consent about this girl twice and finally said in clear words, "It is my command."