Peace To A Restless Mind

My future wife's aunt was making the arrangements for our marriage at her house. She was very worried because she did not have enough money for it and could not find a way to solve the problem.

It is said that saints are moved by the distress of others.

The family members were devotees of Maharaj, and one day he arrived at her house. Just before he was about to go, he said to her, "Why do you worry about money? Look into that box of yours. You have kept money in it."

When Baba had gone, she thought about how he knew that she kept money in a box. She knew how much money was inside, so she was not eager to open it. She left it for a while and then thought again about the circumstances.

Peace In The Family

Ram Narain Sinha's parents had died, and while he treated his two young stepbrothers like his sons, both of them harbored ill feelings towards him.

In spite of the fact that there was electricity in the house, one day they quarrelled with Ram Narain's wife over a kerosene lamp.

They told her that the lamp had belonged to their father, so it was theirs. This lamp was very dear to Sinha's father, and Sinha had kept it carefully as a momento.

On his return from work, he heard about the harshness of his brothers and was deeply hurt. He gave the lamp to them.

At that very moment, Baba stepped into their house. Sinha did not know him nor had he ever seen him before, but such was the impact of Baba's presence that he bowed before him.

An Unexpected Visit

I practice homeopathy from my home, and patients with chronic diseases would occasionally come to me and tell me that Baba Nibkarori had sent them for treatment.

I attended them, and they would be cured. It surprised me to notice that my medicines worked better on the patients sent  by Baba than on other patients.

I did not know Baba, nor had I even seen him. Although I had a keen desire to meet him, it was not possible for me to leave my work to look for him.

One day a rubust man with bare feet entered my room when his turn came. He was wearing a dhoti and had a blanket wrapped over his shoulder. Without any formal introduction, he stood before me.

An Unusual Way Of Showing Grace

At Church Lane, Sudhir Mukerjee once showed Baba a calendar from Lucknow depicting Hanuman deep in meditation of Lord Ram. Seeing it, Maharaj said, "Hanuman ji is absorbed in meditative bliss and so am I. Get it framed tomorrow and keep it in the nearby almirah(cupboard)."

I suggested that the picture be placed there the next day accompanied by the recitation of the Sundarkand and the Hanuman Chalisa.

Baba agreed and leaving the task to me, asked me not to tell anyone about it.

It is not clear how and from where many people gathered there on that auspicious occasion since it was not publicised in any way. The bhandara lasted until midnight.

Freed From Worry

Once, while Pooran Chandra Joshi was attending Maharaj, he stayed in Bhumiadhar ashram for about fifteen continuous days. During this time he did not even think of his family or his office. Some people suggested to his wife that he might intend to become a sadhu.

They said she should inform other members of the family so that they could have a timely word with him to deter him from this course.

She did not believe that her husband would ever become a sadhu, and she did not want to involve other family members unnecessarily.

She was, however, worried about him.