Cook Again

One mornig at about 10 o'clock Maharaj and some devotees arrived in Bareilly by train and went to the house of Dr. Bhandari. Dr. Bhandari gave  everyone lunch, and after sometime Baba said, "Clean the dining table and cook food again for seven people."

Baba was obeyed and everyone waited for the guests.

Before evening Prem Lal arrived from Lucknow with his family. He had not told Baba about his visit, nor had he informed Dr. Bhandari.

He was surprised and happy to see Baba at the house. The family came to know that Baba had already asked that a meal be prepared for them.

The Consequence of Disobedience

At Hanumangarh, Maharaj once told his devotee Bhagwati Prasad, "Go and recite Hanuman Chalisa before Hanuman ji and do not go anywhere else."

Just then the Raja of Kashipur's car arrived for Baba, and he left.

After Baba's departure other devotees also started leaving. Since Bhagwati Prasad did not want to stay at Hanumangarh on his own, he ignored Baba's words and went with them.

On the way a huge stone came rolling down the mountainside onto the road. Bhagwati Prasad was hurt, but the others remained unharmed.

Not To Marry

The marriage of a girl in Ramesh Chandra Pandey's family could not be settled, and everyone was worried about it. The astrologer who read her horoscope said that she would be married in the thirty-second year of her life.

A marriage was arranged for her that year, and all the preparations for it were underway. One day Baba arrived quite unexpectedly. Everyone in the house came to  do pranaam to him.

When the girl bowed to him in reverence, Maharaj said to her, "Do not get married."

Nobody understood the significance of his words, so they were taken lightly. She was married as arranged.

A Warning

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiA Muslim constable named Haji did sentry duty at the gate of Kainchi ashram.

One day he went for Baba's darshan before starting his work, as he usually did.

Maharaj said with a smile, "Haji, it is a bad day for you. Don't leave your duty. Don't go anywhere."

Haji bowed before him and went away to his duty. Later he forgot Baba's warning and leaving the gate walked towards  the bus stand.

On the way he slipped on a banana peel and fell down. He fractured his arm and was sent to the hospital.

Disregarding Baba's instructions

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiGanga Prasad Shastri was very devoted to Baba.

One day he asked Baba whether his sadhana would be accomplished.

Baba replied, "Pandit, you have Hanuman's complete grace with you. There is no need for you to do anymore sadhana now. If you do, you will have problems."

Shastri thought that Baba said this because he was old.

He felt he was quite strong and undertook another arduous spiritual sadhana.

In a small accident he fractured his pelvis and could no longer move about independently.

Whenever he remembered Baba, he would say, "Baba gave me good advice, which I ignored. I would not have suffered in this manner if I had followed his advice."