Seasonal Fruit

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiShankar Prasad Vyas of Varanasi was sitting in his room at Kainchi ashram involved  in a discussion about fruit.

He said he had eaten all kinds of fruit, but he had not eaten a mango since his arrival. Sometime later he went into the temple area and saw Baba sitting in his room.

Baba saw him and at once said, "You didn't get mangoes to eat?"

Shankar Prasad felt petty and sat quietly by Baba. After a while a devotee arrived with a basketful of mangoes and offered it to Baba. Baba asked an attendant who was standing nearby to carry the basket to Vyas' room.

With folded hands Vyas ji humbly said, "Baba, I was talking casually about mangoes in my room. What shall I do with so many mangoes?"

An Opportunity To Serve

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiWhenever Baba moved from one place to another, devotees got busy preparing for the journey.

 Someone would get his car filled with petrol; another would buy railway tickets for him and the people accompanying him.

A devotee in Allahabad once made up his mind to buy Baba a railway ticket.

 When Maharaj got ready to leave Allahabad, the devotee kept some money in his pocket and went with Baba to Prayag station.

 When they got there, the devotee followed Baba but hesitated to ask him if he could buy his ticket.

Baba turned to him and said, "You are carrying money in your pocket. Why don't you buy a ticket?"

His Words Came True

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiIn 1930 Jagdev Singh Vohra of Rai Bareilly was sent from Quetta to Rajput Centre for training and stayed with Ram Singh.

One day Ram Singh took him to Baba.

As soon as Baba saw them, he told Ram Singh, "He has come from Quetta. He worships Shiva. You retire, take your pension, and leave your post for him."

After completing his training, Jagdev Singh went back to Quetta, and eventually all that Baba said took place.

Although there were many subedars senior to him, Jagdev was promoted to the rank os subedar major and transferred to Fatehgarh Centre, where he took over from Subedar Major Ram Singh.

The Significance Of His Command

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMaharaj was at Church Lane when a woman from Jagati Niwas, Colonelganj, came for his darshan.

Seeing her, he said, "Are you well?" The woman who seemed to be healthy answered, "Baba, I am quite well."   He at once said, " Consult the lady Dr. Barar and complete the treatment she suggests. Don't worry about money. I shall give money. Her fee is sixteen rupees."

The woman then said, "I am healthy. I don't require any treatment."

Baba did not agree with her and said, "It is my command. Won't you carry it out? When your legs fail you, even the members of your family will not care about you."

A Grudge Against Baba

An aimless, unemployed youth came to meet Baba one day. Baba took pity on him and got him a good job through people present at the time.

He also spoke to members of the boy's family and arranged for his marriage into a good family.

Baba gave him the opportunity to lead a happy  and comfortable life. After getting the job, the youth increased his expenses to such an extent that he became distressed.

His family became a burden to him, and he lost the ability to think rationally.

He blamed Baba for his marriage and held a grudge against him.

One day, on the pretext of having darshan, he went into Baba's room at the house of Mehrotra ji in Lucknow.